SEO Basics

14 02, 2017

4 Signs You Should Fire Your So-Called SEO Guru

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We all want to see instant results, this applies to everything, but even children know, magic wands do not actually exist. When things are going slow with your SEO, there always comes the moment when you ask yourself "Are they even doing anything?". Unfortunately, another dilemma comes right after - "Should I fire my SEO [...]

22 01, 2017

Optimising Your Tags

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By now we’ve talked a lot about the importance of keyword research. This is the life blood of SEO, and rightly so as it makes you visible in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Visibility is prime, and to be ranked as high as possible with your tags will boost your website’s hits. Smart usage of [...]

3 01, 2017

Keyword Research for Beginners

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Making Your Business Easy to Find on the Web Keyword research is the lifeblood of any website that wants to get their business going in the jungle called the world wide web. For a budding online business, improving site visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) allows for a drive up in product sales and [...]

18 12, 2016

Why White Hat Tricks Are the Only Way to Improve Search

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“Keeping consumer trust while improving search visibility is possible by utilising white hat SEO best practices in your content. Trying to trick Google with black hat SEO is not worth the problems that you will receive in the long run.” For beginners who are just starting up on their websites, search visibility is a top-level [...]