Sparta Battle Plan Beta

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The Facts

In Australia, there were over 1.3 million businesses in 2012 turning over under $200K pa*. Businesses, not just start-ups, all businesses. By 2016 of those businesses only just over 700 thousand remain*. That’s almost 1/2 gone in 5 years. That said there has been an increase in businesses by 2.4% last year* meaning new competition are flowing into most industries and not just filling the gaps but over filling them. Don’t be the one that doesn’t survive 5 years, don’t even be the one that does survive, join us and be the one that thrives in the digital age.

*Australian Bureau of Statistics


Fill out the above Form to get a snapshot report of your market and where you sit in it.

This report is yours free of charge.

What we offer

You receive a full Digital Marketing Strategic Blueprint, or Battle Plan as we like to call it. In this Battle Plan, we will map out the best structure for your website so you are more likely to be found by new potential customers. You should never build a website without one.

We’ll map out the second level of lead generating web properties to further boost your traffic to your website, thus increasing your leads.

This is a new product so we are offering it at a discount for the first lucky 5 businesses who take on this deal.

Why this product

We research your online market from top to tail using over 10 powerful algorithmic tools to dive deep into any market online.  The most powerful of these tools was created by a former U.S. Department of Defense Programmer.  This is then crossed checked against Google tools and a suite of other top tier data programs.  The average cost of these programs is over $45,000 a year.   We give you all that power and data crunching knowledge at a fraction of what it would cost you to do it yourself.   Less than a 1000 people around the globe actually have access to, and the knowledge needed to use, some of this software and very few are in Australia.

If you are serious about success in your business, you need this product.  You need a Battle Plan.

Who are you?

We at Sparta Digital are offering this new service to a select few. We are looking for small to medium businesses, wanting to stand out from the crowd, to join our beta-tester group (our first 5). Phone Shane now or fill in the below form to find out more.

As a beta-tester, you will receive a personalised Digital Marketing Strategic Plan (Battle Plan) with a heavy discount. Prices are based on Business types and industry/market factors that determine the amount of time it will take to research your corner of the world.  All we ask for a testimonial in writing, good or bad (as if it will be bad 😉 ), about how you felt about the product and our service.   Then as an extra favour, feel free to rave about us to anyone who will listen.

Take action now to thrive

Want to grow your business, expand your customer base and dominate your market online? Then this is the program for you. By forming an alliance with Sparta Digital you will have some of the latest market research and analysis needed to laser target your marketing efforts and steer your ship in the direction it needs to be heading.

The Alliance that works with you and for you

As allied partners, we will work together to expand your reach, get more leads and with your conversion skills gain more sales. This is not for everyone, we are looking for business owners willing to fight together with Sparta Digital to drive their business to glory.

If you’re looking for that edge over your competition, this program is for you. Want more traffic, more leads and a better ROI (Return On Investment), then this program is definitely for you.

This is a limited time offer and ends on March 31st. Numbers are limited to ensure we provide the highest level of service to all our first group.

What you need to do

Contact us now by phone or by filling out the form below, for an obligation free meeting (face to face for Brisbane businesses) to assess if you are a right fit for this program.


Act now and take a complimentary look at who your real competitors online are and what your customers are really looking for. Fill out the “FREE MARKET ANALYSIS” form below with your business website (if you currently have one) and what you believe is your main keyword people are using to look for you, or what market you are in.