10 Digital Advertising Tips For a Strong Mobile Ad Strategy

>>>10 Digital Advertising Tips For a Strong Mobile Ad Strategy
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10 Digital Advertising Tips For a Strong Mobile Ad Strategy

Digital advertising is becoming stronger in mobile platforms, adding a 33% jump for the 2017 fiscal year according to IAB PWC’s Advertising Expenditure Report. We’re expecting it to shoot higher as the mobile market is growing exponentially every year. Improving your presence with mobile-first techniques is a good way to get a stronger, better presence online.

Less Text, More Images

Google’s accelerated mobile pages (AMP) system prioritises pages with less text and more images, incentivising this with better rankings. If you can set your pages, posts and advertisements with shorter texts and better images that are catchy to the eye, you’ll get extra views with Google’s help.

Liven Up Your Advertisements

If you are pushing to play with the AMP system, make sure that it’s clear for your potential customers to know where to click your ads. Play with the colour and know where to push the call to action. Be smart with the call to action. Don’t use the generic sign-up or submit text.

Don’t Overly Rely on Automation

Don’t get caught too much with your automation. According to The Drum, up to 30% of the industry’s traffic on advertisements comes from bots that are fake-clicking to simulate reach – something called invalid traffic (IVT). Working with private companies is typically how you can get a more honest traffic – an average of 12% IVT with digital advertisers vs the 30% industry average.

Remember Audience Context

The context, location and advertising type that you get in your digital ad spending needs to be catered for people who are expected to be on the go. Since mobile promises portability, the length and local SEO of the content needs to be in its best shape. It needs to be unobtrusive enough that people will actually click it if they’re interested.

Never Use Autoplay Videos with Sound

If you’re trying to get into video ads, it’s smart to not use autoplay ad videos with sound. According to the Coalition for Better Ads, these types of ads are “disruptive” and can cause the reader to bounce or close the tab, in an effort to stop the sound. If you’re into making sure autoplay happens, add to your site’s code to make an autoplay video run on a corner of the window without audio even when the reader scrolls.

Be Educated in the Ads Market

Educate yourself with details that can make you succeed. Do your own market research to see what your potential customers want or would click. Find your demographic and target your ads to them. Agreeing blindly to the recommendations of your advertiser is not smart. Execute A/B testing if you have to.

Take Advantage of Videos

Since video is fast becoming the mobile marketplace’s staple ad channel that works, make sure that you have presence on the major video apps like Youtube, Twitch and Vimeo. Push for ads on Youtube if you can and add your own videos on your official channel. Use your channel to push clients to your primary website or other social media feed.

Make Sure the Landing Page is Relevant

When advertising, use a relevant landing page for the specific piece you made. Make it clear what you want, how you can help them and what you can do for them. An ad that is not, in any way, connected to your landing page can result to client disappointment and extensive bounce rates.

Use Multiple Types, Multiple Sizes for Ads

Use multiple ads per group, playing with different ad sizes with different messages for different demographics. See which one works best and which specification works. A/B testing removes the guesswork that you would need to do. In addition you can use the data that you gather to improve on your ads.

Channel Ads Through Social Media

Social media is a great way to advertise your website as it has both the user base and the machinery to push your message out. Create pages, advertise, link tweets to your posts and landing pages and leverage the opportunities that the social media pages have that helps your site.

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