5 Australian Online Directories That You Want Your Business In

>>>5 Australian Online Directories That You Want Your Business In
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5 Australian Online Directories That You Want Your Business In

The local SEO scene will never be complete without mentioning citations. Also known as online directories, these are the sites that act as your gateways to a bigger audience in need of your service. It gives you a visibility boost in so many ways, and you need this more so if you’re in Australia.

Due to the sheer number of suburbs in Australia, these citation systems help you find the nearest business that can provide what you need. What citation sites are the best for your business? There’s a lot of them out there, but there’s only five of them that are actually worth it.

TrueLocal (www.truelocal.com.au)


One of the best local directory sites out there, TrueLocal provides just about everything that you would want from a citation. It caters almost all types of products and services that your target audience may search – from restaurants to solar panel installations to demolition services.

They have:

  • an active community
  • professional looking business pages
  • enticing gallery snapshots
  • a Local Star system that features businesses that the community loves

Yellow Pages (www.yellowpages.com.au)


What we love with Yellow Pages is that it’s a professional online citations website that tries to put everything that you want to go out of your marketing window and out to an audience that seriously needs your help. The business pages that they provide you is dynamic, allowing you to design it according to how you want it and add inconspicuous image backlinks to your landing pages.

We love their:

  • highly targeted for people who are ready to buy
  • gives you different ways to provide backlinks beyond simple hyperlinks
  • provides multiple tabs, from an about us page to a full products and services page
  • rigid style but adaptable design

Yelp (www.yelp.com.au)


Yelp is a global favourite and we know why: Yelp empowers its audience to provide as helpful reviews as possible. The name is synonymous to online business directories, so much so that people actively seek out businesses that people give 5 star reviews in this website. If you’re looking one of the easiest, best citation sites, Yelp is the prime choice.

We can’t get enough of their:

  • Simplistic and utilitarian page design
  • Easy to find information
  • Strong, effective reviews from the audience
  • Allows reviews to insert images of actual products and premises
  • Useful details for clients

Houzz (www.houzz.com.au)


Whilst this is a specialty citations site, Houzz gets a special pass with us due to its unique take on providing local SEO information for businesses who want to do citations with them. Other online directories use the same style information profile page. Houzz uses actual social media style business pages that hinge on great images, detailed information and a project portfolio where the audience can fully engage.

What we like includes:

  • Trip Advisor style listing that is easy to navigate
  • Full social media style profile page
  • Professional project portfolio of images that the audience would love
  • A ready-to-buy audience that interacts with the businesses
  • Support forums with other professionals

Word of Mouth (www.wordofmouth.com.au)


Word of Mouth is your online listing option that makes it easy for its audience to see what you are and see what you truly provide. Their design is no-nonsense and traditional, but its effectivity stems from their strong user base that is not only big but also buys. It’s not as flashy as Houzz or Truelocal, but it takes with it this simplicity, runs with it and uses it effectively.

Word of Mouth gives your business:

  • Simple web page design that acts as an open canvas. It’s up to you to make it gorgeous
  • One of the more active audiences and reviewers
  • Needful information is found immediately on top of the profile
  • Details are simplistic but effective
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