Here Are the Five Things You’re Doing Wrong with Your Facebook Advertising

>>>Here Are the Five Things You’re Doing Wrong with Your Facebook Advertising
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Here Are the Five Things You’re Doing Wrong with Your Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the king of all social media and it has among the largest concentration of people online that will listen if your pitch is interesting enough. Doing Facebook advertisement is a hard way to find your own audience, but it’s not impossible.

You might be thinking a few things now. “It doesn’t work.” “It has too little returns.” “It’s not worth the work.” “Oh, I’m getting a few extra dollars and some additional customers from the advertisements, I got it.” If you have experience or even thought about all of these, I’ll tell you now that you’ve been doing FB advertising wrong. Here’s what you’re doing wrong.

FB is My Billboard. Everyone Need to See It

People think Facebook works like a billboard – everyone should see my advertisement; the interested ones will call me. No, no it does not work like that! Zuck’s social media has 1.32 Billion active users and you cannot reach them all. You’ll burn out all of your marketing budget without even getting a single return if you do this. No need to go John Rambo and shoot everyone a copy of your ads. Be a sniper, not a shotgun. Precision, precision, precision.

This means that you need to initially invest in market research. Have a target demographic – locale, age, gender, affiliations, interests… know who you think would want your products. The thing is you need to keep changing your targets until you find with whom your ad is effective. Facebook offers audience segmenting opportunities. Test it on 3 to 4 demographics and play with your parameters.

I Don’t Like Video Ads. They’re Too Expensive

There is a problem with businesses thinking that video advertising is too expensive and needs too much work. Beyond a simple image or article, a video ad needs expertise, professional quality techniques and a lot of editing and you’re not wrong. Still, every dollar in video ads is worth it.

Videos in Facebook get big amounts of audiences watching it and can provide valuable insight to your potential audience. Audience always prefer to learn things from video instead of copy, and this is especially true in social media. See all those recipe videos in FB? They are catchy, they are informative and people love them. Thales Teixera of Harvard Business Review couldn’t have made the value of getting attention through videos easier: “It’s a truism of advertising that good television ads grab their audience’s attention in the first five seconds. But sometimes your audience isn’t even watching your ad to begin with, so instead you need to capture their attention over the course of the ad.”

This Single Ad Campaign is Enough

If you’re a little to thrifty, you might notice that your ads are not working. You know why? Because you just have one, maybe two FB advertisements and then you say you’re done. There’s a way to save money but this is a bad way to do it.

Larry Alton of Adweek is especially adamant about being cheap on the ad campaign: “One extremely common mistake—especially among advertisers that are new to Facebook—is to create just one ad and then step away. As they say, 20 percent of your ads generate 80 percent of the value. If you’re only creating one ad, you stand very little chance of finding a version that works.”

Ads testing requires a minimum of five to six versions per Facebook ad, up to twelve versions per product if you have the budget. This is because you need to experiment on the copy style that can work: different calls to action, different landing pages, different phrasing, different audiences, headlines, placements, images and videos. The special sauce may be a combination you have not tried and giving up immediately is problematic. Even bigger groups have only received good ROI on their 120th ad, with zero returns on the first 76.

I Have This Bad Photo…

Social media businesses are successful because they look enticing and professional. Ads are all about visuals. Your advertisement photo needs to be something good because it will be representative of how much you care about pulling audience inwards your business. Guess what happens if you use a stock photo or that amateur picture that you got when doing documentation.

Choosing an image needs to be time-intensive and well thought out. It needs to bring out the best out of your copy and vice versa, while making sure that it sends a clear message on who you are and about what benefits people will get from your business. It needs to catch their eyes.

I’m Not Sure How Lead Ads Help

While Facebook likes its audience to stay in its site or app and their algorithms, web conversion should still be a top priority because this is where you can do more. This is why Facebook’s lead ads is a perfect advertisement when you are running after conversions.

What lead ads do is let your targeted audience fill a form of their details once they click without leaving the social media, and FB will push this according to the targeting opportunities that you have set. This means you will get people who are interested initially and all you need is a good, clear copy to give them one last nudge. If you can, integrate Facebook advertising to your CRM and make sure that you don’t miss these conversions.

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