3 Tips for business owners to writing valuable content

>>>3 Tips for business owners to writing valuable content
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3 Tips for business owners to writing valuable content

We always encourage business owners to write their own content and raise their own voices. Sadly a lot of them are agile on making excuses instead of writing. If you are having a hard time writing your expert opinion, how do you expect to convince potential customers to become your actual customers? They want to know you’re the expert they are looking for.  Remember, you are the expert, and people want your expertise, skills and opinion. It’s just like a conversation with a potential customer only in writing.


Knowing that above, I’d love to suggest a few points for content ideas:


AAQ or Already Asked Questions

If you have been in business for a while, you have probably stumbled on clients and their questions. And you probably have an FAQ section on your website. The FAQ shouldn’t just come out of somebody’s typing fingers. They should instead contain actual questions that your customers asked, a lot. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up some of the questions from the FAQ section and write longer and more detailed answers. Answering a small portion of these questions will make you write an excellent, helpful and valuable content. Remember – people asked for it.

If you don’t have an FAQ section on your site, try to recall some of the most asked questions by customers and prospects alike. Also, start writing clients questions down so that you can make helpful content out of them.  Don’t forget prospects either; their questions are paramount.


Ask your customers

You have past customers, great, ask them some questions. Not only does this give you great writing ideas but also helps improve your relationship with your customers. Either pick up the phone or write a short email, asking your customers how are they doing and if they have any questions you can answer (meaning is there anything you can help with). Explain to them, that you are trying to be even more helpful to all of your past, current and future customers.  These can be great questions as they relate directly to your business and are potential questions prospects don’t even know they should be asking.


Personal experience

If you have run through your FAQ (AAQs) and have asked all of your clients about problems you can solve, you may think you’ve run out of content ideas. You would be wrong. Despite leaving it last, personal experience is something you should never neglect. Just remember all of the difficulties that you’ve had when you started your business. Remember all of the questions you’ve had when were just starting and still improving. I am pretty sure you have some rabbits in your hat (I meant questions. Never raise a rabbit in a hat, please!) and just like most business owners, you tend to forget those days.

Personal experience is what your expertise is built on. It is why people come to you – because they have a problem that your experience can solve.



bonus tip:

I will assume that you’ve tried all of the three tips above.  You’ve liked writing valuable content and really want to write some more. Well, here’s an extra tip for you – find yourself some FAQ sites or Forums related to your business or niche. There are the places that you can see Already Asked Questions and answer them, building trust and authority with prospects. You can take a look at Quora, YahooAnswers or type “yourniche forum” in the search engines.


I really hope that my tips will be valuable to you. But remember – advice means nothing if you never take advantage of it. Take action. Today!


Can’t find time to write or type something up?  Consider a voice recorder and recording yourself verbally explaining the topic.  Just talk for 5+ minutes and hey presto a 500+ word article (no not a rabbit).  Send the audio to a service like www.rev.com and have your voice transcribed.  So for 5+ minutes a week plus $5+ a week you end up with with a 500+ word article.

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