3 Ways To Make Your Value Proposition Work Better

>>>3 Ways To Make Your Value Proposition Work Better
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3 Ways To Make Your Value Proposition Work Better

Halloween is nearby and sit a spell with me. Let me talk to you about something that horrifies a many digital marketing teams the world over: value proposition. It is a horror to understand.

Communication over the internet is hard to do, especially because there’s no personal touch between you and the audience. Simply throwing things in the wall and seeing what sticks isn’t going to work. Here’s what will.

Be Clear and Specific When Telling Your Points


Being specific and direct to the point removes a level of vagueness when talking with people on the internet. Even in real life, people tend to respond better when you’re sure with what you’re talking about. You need to be responsible since you don’t have a budget like Apple or Nike that gives you leeway to work with slogans like “Just Do It” and “Light. Years Ahead.”

  • Make It Relatable. Remind people that they have problems. Remind them that you’re there to improve their situation and break the status quo. Show people who have succeeded under your product umbrella.
  • Tell Them the Value. Why is your product valuable? Value proposition hinges on the fact that you understand why people want your products. Tell them why it’s important to have what you offer in their life. Make them feel that they need it.
  • Talk About Your Advantages. Unique selling proposition is useful when trying to differentiate yourself. We talk about it in detail in one of our articles. In summary, you want a clear line that separates what you can offer from others. You will most likely have at least one just by repositioning your view.
  • Talk About Positive Results. Any position is incomplete without telling people what they’re bound to get from you if they choose you. A single statement is enough to make people be happy enough to pick you if they think your benefits fit their needs.

Avoid Making the Copy Too Simple, Too Bland


Going beyond simple is hard. We like simple. Simplicity makes everything easier and it’s actually mentored to many content creators to make titles and content that are easy to digest. Whilst this is great, people take this too far sometimes and make everything too simplistic.

Many businesses like making wishy washy claims when they are afraid to step on toes or unsure if they can really back up their talk. This isn’t the way to go. You need to have a solid footing when trying to talk yourself up.

When working out a headline, instead of saying “5 Steps to Fix a Circuit Breaker”, you might as well say “5 Easy Steps to Help Repair a Circuit Breaker in One Hour”. It’s more specific, it gives a message of relief to the reader and it tells a time frame that entices the reader to benefit from the time savings.

Make Your Statement Easy to Understand


If you’re trying to move your value proposition, make it easy to read. This is entirely different from just making things simplistic. In the history of content writing the past few years, mentors would’ve told you that an elevator pitch is the way to go. This is hardly truth anymore.

Readers breeze through content faster and easily get bored. You need to show your value proposition in just a sentence or two short ones. Communicate to people like telling them something if you just see them passing on the street.

Give them details. Use a single headline that packs the entire offering, then use a second sentence that quickly elaborates on your headline. Use your call to action to carry the entire value proposition. Anything is better than the simple “Sign Up”.

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