4 Fool-Proof Processes You Can Do to Create Killer Blog Articles

>>>4 Fool-Proof Processes You Can Do to Create Killer Blog Articles
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4 Fool-Proof Processes You Can Do to Create Killer Blog Articles

Let’s face the truth: the content marketplace is filled to the brim right now and competition is at its all-time high. Getting a small business to battle it out with the giants of the industry seems downright impossible. Your limited budget can only get you so far. You need to be relevant.

Whatever industry that you are trying to compete in, you would still need to have an active blog to at least help proliferate your message out to your target audience. That’s a Sisyphean task in itself, requiring you to try and keep edging everyone out. Improving views to ease people into a journey to your sales funnel takes time, effort and having a cursory idea of what to do.

Writing Structures and Eureka Moments

I have been writing for Sparta Digital for around a year now and I would admit that the whole year has polished my writing into something better and clearer than what I had last year. Coming up with new ideas is hard, hence why I specifically noted in my Monday article the importance of adding structure to your methods.

I discussed my fool-proof ways to get over writer’s block in a previous article, but to reiterate: writing when you can and putting down your ideas on a piece of paper or on some notes reinforces a strong habit in you. Once you have this habit, you’ll have no problems coming up with a blog topic.

If you have Eureka moments, don’t forget to jot them down immediately.

Reading on Your Competitors

One of the favourite ways I try to get killer blog topics is to read the blogs of respected influencers in my industry, together with the big wigs of journalism like Entrepreneur and Forbes. Being well informed with what your competition is capable of allows you to get a two-fold solution: you know how your competitors are moving and you get inspiration from what they write.

Once you have a feel how your greater competition does, all you need to do is evaluate their content, find a good idea and make it your own. This kind of philosophy works for any industry. Whilst general thematic concepts are fair game, you still need to be unique. Find ways to make blogs that are magnitudes better than what they offer.

Research and Brainstorm

Research is important in any type of blog and discussing your potential blog titles with sounding boards, typically someone you trust or in a brainstorming session for your team, helps you create strong killer blog posts.

Start with the best posts that you have on your website. From the best posts, branch to paths that become the natural questions that people ask after they read your articles.

As an example, if you have an article about Local SEO, what you would want is to develop topics that further support this local SEO topic. Talk about the value of voice assistants, consider how local SEO works, what areas of local SEO are useful for the upcoming 2017 trends and of the similar sort.

A Strong Call to Action

Buzzfeed has made an industry of creating clickbait-like titles and it works like clockwork. This style does not work simply because it’s a smart way to do it, but because the natural psychology of people is to respond to call to action.

You must’ve read the idea of call to action in a previous article I’ve written. Whilst that is the one that you add in any capture form and your landing pages, calls to action are the parts where you convince your potential audience that your blog post has a value in it. This, in common parlance, is what I call the kicker or eye-catcher.

For example:

Primary Keywords

Local SEO

Primary Keywords + Verbiage

Local SEO To Get More Clients

Quantification + Primary Keywords + Verbiage

10 Ways to Use Local SEO to Get More Clients

Quantification + Primary Keywords + Verbiage + Call To Action

10 Ways to Use Local SEO to Get More Clients and Help Dominate Local Search

Call to action plays a psychological game with the readers, allowing them to see the clear benefits to acting up on your call. This call can come into play by showing them that they can monopolise, maybe gain unfair advantage in their industry by following your lead.

4 Fool-Proof Processes You Can Do to Create Killer Blog Articles
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