5 Writing Style Changes That Can Help With Readership

>>>5 Writing Style Changes That Can Help With Readership
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5 Writing Style Changes That Can Help With Readership

There may be moments that you feel so tired of writing on your blog or website, only to see the statistics: no views, no shares, no comments. The desert has more engagements than your website. There’s nobody there but tumbleweeds. It’s not that you suck at digital marketing or you have bad content. Sometimes it’s in the way it’s presented.

I Don’t Want Your Content!

If there’s anything I’ve learned the past few weeks, it’s that the content’s style matters as much as the content itself. Search Engine Land’s Stoney deGeyter put it as much:

“Non-readers don’t have much use for lengthy text. Small bits of content are fine (such as short product descriptions, photo captions or twitterbites), but they really don’t need or want the whole multi-paragraph-learn-all-about-how-great-our-stuff-is sales spiel.”

Where Writing Styles Save You

Readers like it bite sized. If there’s something that has been taught to content writers such as myself, it’s to provide value to readers. The problem, however, is that value sometimes takes a backseat to readability.

My friends personally told me that whilst my writing is informative, I need to present it piece meal. This made me realise it better. Content should not be treated like a big hunk of steak you scarf. It should be more akin to sushi – small, easy to eat, refined, classy.

This may sound weird. A supposed professional writer asking input from people who aren’t even in the industry. The thing is, most of your audience won’t be in the content writing or digital marketing business, so any constructive input works.

Making Things Snippy-Snap

Cut to Three, Stay on Three

Paragraphs need to be informative and useful. If you can, cut your paragraph into two to three sentences. Complete your thought in the entire paragraph to prevent run-on ideas.

If you have an idea that you’re sure will be running a big span, give the readers a break. Use semicolons if you have to. The smartest way to limit your paragraph length is to type up to three lines on your word processor.

Utilise a Single Strong Statement

This method works when you’re trying to go for emphasis.

Avoid Empty Hype

We hate click-baits for a fact. Whilst we like to play the listicles game like many other sites, your content still needs value in it. The click-bait in itself is just an innocent victim and can be washed off with great material.

List Details with Bullets

  • They tend to look unneeded and intimidating.
  • They’re helpful in making sure information is properly understood.
  • They give your readers the break they deserve.
  • They’re also great ways to make a point with writing style.

Make Sure You Provide Useful Links

You need to put out related links out there that people can find helpful. For example, writing style is incomplete without showing your audience that you have a unique selling proposition. You would also want to have ways to see the benefits of your content.

There’s a lot to digital marketing than simply making people bite the illusion. What’s important at the end of the day is to never have value left behind.

We can change the writing style but the content still needs to be value.

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