Why You Need Copy and Content That Fights Back

>>>Why You Need Copy and Content That Fights Back
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Why You Need Copy and Content That Fights Back

Whenever we provide copy for our clients, the number one question we ask is to provide us the tone that they want for the specific page. Whilst we have our own ideas of what is the best to write for clients, there are times where our vision for them as digital content providers and their vision are different. The question we like to check with them, however, is “do you like to take down your competition?”.

Writing copy that bites back to your competitors is as old as the marketing industry itself – and playing it like an angel does not work.

Why Fierce Content Should Be Your Style

We’ve all seen the wishy washy style of writing. The professional, stylistic and self-contained air that dominates the current copy market. It looks like this:


There’s nothing wrong with this and we don’t know if the product is good or bad since we’re talking about the copy. (As a matter of fact, Dropbox is fantastic!) It’s crisp, it’s clear and it gets things done. It just does not have the amount of spice that a fired up and passionate copy can provide you. People like to respond to strong content as it contains emotion – something that most of the copywritten pages on the internet do not have.

Creating something better than the next guy is the aim – it always is. It is great to have fire in what you write and something combative, kicks the competition down and calls out their bad moves is a risky way to do things.

Since the web is filled with nice things and nice, non-combative words shaped like hearts and kisses, we should be doing that as well, right? Ha, ha, ha wrong!

Remember that your competition is a hindrance to your success. They are there to take a piece of the market away from you and what you want is to make them as irrelevant as possible to your business. Whilst you don’t want to just exchange expletives and act uncultured about it, switching your angelic copy to something that punches is a good way to do so.

Fierce Content That Hits Home

There are ways to make your copy fierce and fighting without getting it down to incoherent name calling. The first way to do it is kick their product away and provide a better solution. A good example is something from a solar products company in Victoria named Global Eco Solutions. In their products page, they listed all their advantages against their leading competitor.


People do not typically buy if they only see a single product with nothing to compare it to. Sales will be low to moderate, especially for products that are not essential to daily living. If you compare yourself, however, to a leading brand and show the good points with your business vs theirs, you’re looking at an audience that can see where you stand and what you provide.

Pick a Fight With Images

Another great way to light a fire under your nearest competition is to do it with images. Tell your audience to make the switch. Here’s a great example.


This came out during the time where allegations of easy bending with iPhones was going strong. It’s a clever attack on the product, it talks about something that was relevant at the time and it uses fiery one liner on top. “Switch” copies are very direct to the point, but also indirect in its way of dealing with other brands that are on your radar.

Competitive Writing Should Not Become Uncultured Mess

Picking a fight with your competition is not about hitting below the belt. It’s not about putting out rumours, gossip and giving the low blow. The copy that is worth being published is a copy that is fair – something that does not hit below the belt. It’s a copy that fleshes out what is true and what is widely accepted, then shattering expectations with good, clever use of writing and media.

Much like how the American Coca-Cola and Pepsi Wars in the 1970’s happened out of the spirit of good competition. Being cutthroat but only so much that you let yourself be your most cultured self whilst dismantling the other guy. Competitive writing should be strong and fierce, but never wild. It needs to be a controlled blaze.

Your business’ copy needs some sass and some extra kick to get your audience going.

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