How To Create Simple Expert Videos

>>>How To Create Simple Expert Videos
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How To Create Simple Expert Videos

We’ve discussed recently how easy it is to venture into creating expert and marketing videos for your business. Since the discussion was mostly on busting myths about how hard it is to create videos, what we will discuss today are the ways for you to utilise simple techniques to easy produce a video. There’s a way to make this simpler for you and some tips are perfect for people who are camera-shy or feel like they can produce better content behind the camera.

Creating Slideshow Videos

Some of the easiest to create video content out there is the slideshow video, which is perfect for business-owners who barely have any time or money to do any elaborate methods. These are rudimentary and simple but highly educational, banking on the style of online lecture notes used in Youtube tutorials and Khan Academy methods.

Advantages of Slideshow Content

There’s a number of advantages to this video production style. One, it’s very cheap to do. All you would need is a decent recording microphone, an isolated room where you can record in peace, a slide presentation software and a screen capture software.

For the slide presentation software, you can use either Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple’s Keynotes or Google Slides. I specifically recommend Google Slides because it’s free and has a ton of styles that it can use to present in the background.

Another advantage is that it does not need you to show yourself up in the camera. While many video content creators are very comfortable talking infront of a fixed webcam or camera, not all creators share the same sentiment. By removing yourself from the video itself, it gives you a unique opportunity to present your information online in video text form as a visual aide.

If you can, you would want to also prepare something akin to an online whiteboard so you can create doodles or illustrations to help in the learning process.

Communicating in a Slide Video

When you are writing what you want to discuss in the slide, put only a short overview of what you want to discuss. Set up illustrations within the transition, especially for areas where it’s imperative for your audience to understand this.

  • Use Personalised Colour Slides. Branding your video can be as easy and memorable as choosing your presentation colours.  Use two-stone slides that use your business’ primary colour scheme, allowing an air of professionalism associated for well-made content.
  • Be Informative. Talk about your topics and have information that is both useful and valuable to your audience. Make it short and sweet and straight to the point. Some elements that you need to put in mind includes introducing yourself and your topic, providing a short overview of the topic at hand and answer the questions presented in the slide show. Prevent jargons and overly complicated words.
  • Talk with Clarity. A well modulated voice with a confident pitch is important for people to take you serious. Edit out any verbal tics like uhmms and ahhhs, using them as natural positions where you pause the audio. You are to be viewed as the expert of your industry, so talking with confidence is par for the course.
  • Talk About Pain Points. People watch your content to relieve a problem that they are currently experiencing. Address these possible pain points by adding a related question per slide and another for an outside answer to the question.

Taking Optimization Opportunities

A smart way to make your video more SEO-friendly is to add transcripts for the video. While this is a grueling process, typically needing 1500 words for a 5 to 10 minute video, you can either outsource this to a freelancer or send to transcription companies and provide them for you.

You do not need to actively add keywords in your audio so they show up in the transcript. Any discussion that is worth anyone’s time with have the keywords naturally show up during the presentation process. Post the video in your website, blogs and other video-content sites like Youtube and Vimeo, then use categories and tags that best describe the keywords in your media.Slide Video Reminders

  • Record as Much as You Can. Each video should be short enough to not bore people but long enough that you can extract valuable content from it. It’s recommended to do a 5 to 10 minute discussion video, unless you’re going deep into a topic.
  • Do Not Waffle. Stay on topic. Use anecdotes sparsely only if it’s useful to make a point.
  • Memorise the Operations of Your Software. Remember what shortcuts start the recording, end the recording, move the slide to the next element and so on. Since you cannot do tweaks during the presentation itself, everything needs to be perfect before production.
  • Cite Sources. At the end of your slides, cite sources if you are doing so. Educating someone does not mean all your data comes from you. Attribute data you don’t own to the proper owners and recommend other content that can help your audience expand on what you taught them.
  • Do Not Put Everything in the Slide. The slide is there to act as a visual aid only. Most of the content should still come out from your audio presentation so people listens to you.
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