What Can I Do To Improve Video Engagement?

>>>What Can I Do To Improve Video Engagement?
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What Can I Do To Improve Video Engagement?

Why do modern people like videos? It’s a simple answer, really. In the age of digital marketing, it’s hard to catch the interest of people when it comes to information.

A short social media video on Instagram or Twitter, however, is much easier to consume. It can help bring your message further, has an audio that people can listen to in the background and has moving visuals to alleviate boredom. One question remains: how do you make them more engaging?

If we had the singular answer that can magically give make all your videos 100% engaging, we’d give you that in a heartbeat. However, there’s no one singular path to get people to like, share and convert with your videos. There are ways you can improve on them though.

Know Who You’re Talking to in Your Videos


A video, whichever way you try to put it, is a one-way communication medium. You typically do not know who is watching it, but you will have an idea who will give it a look. Knowing your demographic is important so you know how far you reach. Using language that is appropriate for the age, profession and geographical group of the potential viewers is an excellent way to work into your digital marketing strategy.

If you are trying to introduce your concepts to people, it’s important to be forthcoming and basic with the language that you use, while you might need to clarify complicated concepts if you are trying to push for audiences of a specific niche.

Make It Known at the Beginning What You’re Going to Talk About

Have you ever wondered why people introduce themselves in their videos and say what they’re going to talk about? That is because people dislike being misled on what they are going to watch.

The problem is that many people will bounce if they feel like their time is about to get wasted, so telling them what you will give them not only saves time for the uninterested but keeps it going for those who see the benefits to listening to you further.

Create a Storyboard.


Videos, though hard to gauge how engaging they can be, can be laid out. With a proper storyboard, you can show how the video progresses and where you can drop important pieces of information that fit into your digital marketing strategy. It’s understandable that not all people know how do professional quality videos, but there’s a way to make this work.

At the very least, you need to have a rough script and flow of the details that you will tell on the video. Do a reverse pyramid storytelling, starting with the headline, go into more general ideas and then go into specifics and conclusion in the video. Play around with what you think best conveys your message.

Be Energetic but Be Sensible.

Among the things that irk everyone and make us disinterested with other people’s video is the apparent lack of energy that the presenters have. Nobody wants to hear you talking like you’re just trying to finish your job. You need to show us that you are genuinely interested with your topics.

Show confidence and be cool when discussing your topics and keywords. Be sensible. While many of the younger demographic are enamored by the vlogger-style mish-mash of topics filled with screaming and being twitchy, but that typically goes wrong one way or another. Be honest and show vindication in the way you talk and present your details. Professionalism shows when pushing for you digital marketing plans.

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