5 Lead Generation Strategies That Can Help Improve Your Profits Drastically

>>>5 Lead Generation Strategies That Can Help Improve Your Profits Drastically
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5 Lead Generation Strategies That Can Help Improve Your Profits Drastically

“Generating leads takes a lot of time and money, and understanding your potential audience is key to converting them. Here are five digital marketing strategies that can alter your profits drastically. While these techniques are in no way perfect, they are here to create a level of understanding that equips you to make the right decisions that lead to profit improvements.”

When you think about marketing, imagine it as a complicated picture puzzle made with thousands of pieces. What do you do when starting a puzzle? Logically, you start with the corners because they provide you with a starting point. The equivalent of these puzzle corners are the foundational strategies of digital marketing: advertising, content, SEO and lead generation.

The primary need of every small and medium business is to generate more leads – and trying this move without rhyme or reason can blow your budget off with near zero results.

There are five ways to improve lead generation within your business – and all of them have the potential to maximise your return on investment (ROI).

Understand Your Customer, Their Buying Cycles and Cut Down on Tools You Don’t Need

We’ve recently talked about targeting customers with keywords in your PPC advertising that contain strong commercial intent. Buying cycles are an important component of lead generation and making sure that the customer is ready to buy is a valuable move to maximise profit.


Targeting too broad using keywords that have ultra-low to no commercial intent will not get you any conversions worth your while – wasting your time and money. It also means that you don’t know who you are selling to.

Narrow this down to geography, personality, age and even social strata if need be – then make sure to only get the tools that you need. A lot of the businesses’ dollars tend to be relegated to marketing tools that measure different types of metrics. Cut down on these redundancies and find the metrics that accurately represent what’s important in your goals.

Make Sure You Reach Real Humans, Not Bots


There’s a reason that we never encourage our customers to buy likes and comments in their social media. When you’re creating campaigns, it’s important to make sure that the ones you are selling to are actual people – real, breathing people who would want to spend money on your products.

It is crucial to your lead generation marketing to reach as many real people as possible. How do you do this? Be active in a community that is relevant to your products and services, then provide your product as a solution to their issues.

The pitfalls of most small and medium businesses is that they’re so busy trying to take care of their business that they forget to be active in a community where they can be viewed as experts.

Community activity does not have to be intensive – but you have to show genuine ability to provide awesome answers, position your product as something they would need to solve their trouble and be visible to them. This may seem problematic, but building a following needs serious time and effort – be it online or in everyday life. This is especially true now that Facebook is starting to limit organic reach and wants you to rely on them for boosted reach.

Use as Many Diverse Advertising Channels as Possible

If you want quick results, it’s best to always utilise advertising channels when you can. Whilst it’s an additional expense, using PPC adverts has its own advantages compared to SEO, most specifically to make sure that you get views, additional clicks and funnelled traffic.


This does not mean you’re allowed to leave your optimisation to the gutters. On the contrary, you should make sure that your search engine optimisation is in its best so you can take advantage of the initial leads that you will get from paid ads in the long run.

You would want to advertise on different platforms – through Google Adwords’ search and campaign networks to Facebook’s ads. Depending on what you have to offer, you may get more qualified leads in one channel than another. If this happens, be smart and take a look what works, then try it with the other channels that are struggling.

This loops back to the mantra we always tell you – take an effort to know your audience. There’s no real shortcut to understanding who you’re selling to.

Keep in Mind a Mobile-First Site Design


Investing in mobile-first marketing is an important way to generate leads, especially if you tap into a market that is highly dependent on their phones. Most mobile-based customers these days basically can’t live without their phones – and they make up to 50% of all product searches according to Shopify.

Lucky for you, a good chunk of businesses are really bad at creating mobile shopping experiences for their customers. Problems like page load speeds, unresponsive websites and assets that fail to load makes up most of these issues.

When this happens, people’s buying cycle breaks down, it gives them time to think and reconsider until the time they have an access to a desktop computer.

You would want to get the mobile customers that are highly impulsive and ready to buy. Build online journeys in your mobile site and make sure that your site is as helpful as possible.

A Great Website is Always Important

At the end of the day, a great looking website helps you complete the lead generation cycle itself. Creating a website with only the necessary navigation, great simple design and a sales funnel that drives customers into buying or subscribing are always goals to keep in mind.


Whilst simplicity is great, remember to make sure that your pages are still entertaining and emotion provoking. Create landing pages that are easy to read, opens all the valuable talking points to your potential audience and pushes them down your pages to click that submission form.

You want to utilise as much great media as possible – pictures, videos, how-to guides… the works. Utilise forms that have call to action buttons that cleverly tell the customers to benefit from pushing that submit button.

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