Are You Doing Your Automated Email Properly?

>>>Are You Doing Your Automated Email Properly?
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Are You Doing Your Automated Email Properly?

Are you doing email automation right?

That’s one of the common questions we tend to ask ourselves when we’re scheduling and sending out action based emails. Does it reach our customers? Do they even read it? We want our efforts to not be in vain. You would want to keep readers engaged and also manage it properly from your side.

Create Segregated Mailing Lists

When it comes to sending email, it’s best to divide your mailing list via the different topics that they are interested in, especially if you offer a wide category of products and services. Divide the mail list between people who just signed up, according to people’s purchase history and even provide a survey on topics that they want to hear from you.

A segregated list strategy works. It allows you to avoid disinteresting your customers with topics that do not concern them whilst showing them that you care enough to not give them junk mail.

Make the Subject Interesting

Keep the subject interesting, short and personal. People dislike reading long messages that look like spam, so you would want a subject line that you will send a colleague or a friend to keep them interested on what you have to say.

Make them feel the urgency of acting on the message that you have. Use personalised styles that make them feel that it’s truly tailor-made for them. Make sure that the subject line is honest and reflect the value of the content that you want to provide. Clients dislike being misled to clicking a message, only to find low value emails.

Utilise Your Blog to Give Personalised Messages

Add a signup button on your blog and use this to know both their contact details and what topics they are interested with. If somebody signs up for one of your categories, talk to them about that category for a few exchanges.

Little by little, position categories that might interest them or are related to the one that they signed up for. Ask them what more they want to read. Let them engage with your emails by telling you what can interest them enough to buy-in and give them an offer they can’t resist.

Many of these offers should involve a sign-up reward or a first purchase discount. All of this will be useless, however, if you don’t have a blog that resonates with your audience. Always make sure your topics are not only relevant but are interesting.

Make Your Buying Public Feel Like Kings Through Emails

Pay extra attention to your paying customers by sending them layered emails. If someone’s buying from you, you need to make them feel that the purchase that they have done is totally worth it. Show them that they are valued within your pages.

At the most minimum, have an automated email that will send your customers a thank you for buying. Show sincerity by telling how much you appreciate them. If possible, you may want to have 4 or 5 versions of this thank you to make it feel as personalised as possible.

Consider if you can send them tips, guides and other ways to make the most out of the purchase that they’ve done. If you can, create special events that are exclusive to the buying public. The feeling of inclusion and exclusivity helps empower their feelings of value.

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