Conversion Requires Multiple Touches. Here’s the Reason

>>>Conversion Requires Multiple Touches. Here’s the Reason
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Conversion Requires Multiple Touches. Here’s the Reason

Many people think that a good amount of visitor conversion can be done on the first interaction between the website and the lead.

This marketing misconception has never been more wrong as leads require a minimum of 6 touches to even become valuable. This is because of the current information age where most of the internet’s audience are sceptics with a good amount of data available at their fingertips.

Old Conversion Strategies Stopped Working

Many people trying to run a business on the internet tries to run it similar to how they run a brick and mortar but it can’t be any less effective than that. Imagine your business being in a locale with a million businesses trying to offer the same products to customers and you all have similarly styled shop windows. It will not work.

In addition, the digital market has become oversaturated with websites that offer products and services because the consumer has the luxury of alternatives and information. Comparing and contrasting, reviews, testimonials and even simple star ratings empower a consumer to see beyond traditional advertising and see if there’s true value in the buyer journey.

Marketing, Sales and Even Conversion Methods are Similar

If you have checked around the internet, sites bank on text and media together with persuasion methods to market, convert and sell to its consumers and this is the similar formula across the board, with a few notable exceptions on a small cross-section of smarter brands that understand how to talk to their audience.

Having a scrutinising consumer base together with steep competition in a laissez-faire market landscape gives you small areas where you can stretch your advantage at, and these niche methods will be eventually copied and regurgitated by other competition who keeps close tabs on what are the good points you do that work. This is why the ability to communicate with your audience through lead nurturing and persistently good content is at a premium even for bigger businesses.

Leads Become Buyers if Nurtured Long Enough

With the knowledge of keeping multiple touches, the only surefire way to convert your leads to buyers is to maintain a long-term relationship with them. Once you have acquired a means to market to your consumers regularly through your trip wires, lead nurturing becomes your strongest weapon through good offers, high-value information and persuasive digital marketing. If a person sees long enough that you have consistent quality through and through, they will be more than willing to part with their money simply because you have been with them throughout the buyer journey.

Marketers should not stop nurturing their leads if they fail on the first couple of tries. This is normal. Priming your consumer with your top notch digital marketing only to give up halfway through is a failure waiting to happen. People like quality and if they find that you have shown them you deserve their money, persistence becomes a mantra. The buyer journey is powered by an organised and efficient marketing method that keeps pushing inward to capture the heart of its consumer. Persistence in the midst of lukewarm leads can eventually funnel into a positive and rewarding experience once your audience is ready and you were there to guide them.

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