These Easy Tricks for a Successful Tripwire Can Help Your Conversion

>>>These Easy Tricks for a Successful Tripwire Can Help Your Conversion
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These Easy Tricks for a Successful Tripwire Can Help Your Conversion

During my years of writing different copies and marketing articles for different niche clients, I discovered that not everyone on the internet uses the tripwire in their lead generation efforts.

The tripwire is a small something that you can give to your potential leads during the magnetisation process that may not have a lot of financial value but has a lot of intrinsic value – enough for internet cheapskates such as myself to follow through and convert. If you think you are up for it, then keep reading and see the tripwire you need.

The E-Book Tripwire is Dead

The free e-book tripwire has been a time-honored tradition but let’s face it, unless you are a master of your niche like Samuel Hulick, Neil Patel or Bruce Clay, I will not be enticed by what you have to say in that e-book and it will probably be stowed somewhere inside my hard drive for a long ass time. The tripwire is called as such because it’s a trap, and a good trap at that, that people would love to have in exchange for being in your mail list.


My most favourite tripwire ever is the Dollar Shave Club that does all of the elements of tripwire beautifully. Their lead magnet is to get shaving products for around a dollar, with their top kit netting at $5. It’s cheap, people like shaving and it adds value to my life because their products are awesome.

Put Value to Your Tripwire

A lot of business owners I’ve worked with typically have this common complaint with the tripwire: it costs money. I understand that there is overhead but for the amount that you use trying to rank, trying to advertise and still wondering why people are not converting, you could have invested in an economical offering to your audience. It does not even have to be given out for free.


Still using the Dollar Shave Club as an example, these guys could easily put their dollar razors for free on the first few purchases, but they instead opted for a few dollars. This is because they understand that there is an intrinsic value to their product so it need not be given out like hotcakes and yet people would still love it because of the money they will save with the offer. People also tend to shy away from 100% free giveaways because they sense that there will be a catch somewhere.

Immerse Them in Your Tripwire, Then Introduce Your Core Products

The point of using a high value, low-cost tripwire is to introduce your audience eventually to your core products that will net you positive sales. Your core products need to be related to your tripwire. It can be a first glance into your full price offer, a trial of your full value merch or the first requirements to complete your entire core proposal.


Tripling down on our previous example, the core product of the club are different hair and face care at full price. The razors are cheap enough that their audience do not mind buying fully priced items that they’ll get somewhere themselves anyway. In addition, not only have them primed their audience for the entire package, they have also given the feeling of exclusivity to them. Effective use of tripwire empowers your audience and if you work this out, you’re onto something for sure in your lead generation campaign.

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