Road to Dominion, 2nd Stage: 3 Create User Generated Content

>>>Road to Dominion, 2nd Stage: 3 Create User Generated Content
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Road to Dominion, 2nd Stage: 3 Create User Generated Content

User generated content is every digital marketer’s wet dream, and many can just wish it was so easy to get some of it. Beyond viral social media, UGC is the pinnacle of a successful campaign as it signifies that there are conversions and that clients are willing to talk about your products.

Like anything in SEO and digital marketing, this does not come like clockwork. I know what you’re thinking: “How do I get your audience to help me?”. There are 3 ways to get your visitors involved and all it needs is your loving attention to make yourself your own community.

Let Them Talk, Empower Their Opinion


The internet’s original primary use is to arrange information neatly for everyone’s access, and there’s no revolution than the ability of netizens to express their opinion and individuality on the internet for everyone to see. Use this to your advantage for your website by letting users leave comments, discuss in a forum or profess how good your product is through testimonials. This type of user generated content not only makes the website alive and humming, but it creates a trust relationship with readers as it gives your pages a human touch.

Having comments or forums, however, will require solid moderation from your side as it can work against your brand if a bad or untrue comment comes out and everyone latches to it. It’s also good to require comment approval on your pages before publishing, screening your pages of spam and trash comments.

Let Them Become Experts, Get Fun Content!


The internet, much like being a collection of information, is also an assembly of people being experts in their own fields. Use this to your advantage! If you have exceptionally engaging users who are perceived by the community as experts in your product or industry, have them write for you a guest post about your products, their specific uses in their daily lives and some out of the box uses that your audience has devised with them.

This type of user generated content is awesome and you can pick up a thing or two from your audience’s perspective while getting free or very cheap source of content. The greater thing about letting your audience write guest posts is that they’re already well respected within your community and you can express editorial control over the article while showing goodwill between you, the administrator, and the community as a whole.

Let Them Personalize, Let Them Love Being Together in Your Community


User generated content is not only composed articles and comments. Allowing users to create public profiles, personalize them and show their individuality through different activities they can do within those profiles. One of the more successful companies that has been able to do this was Amazon, letting users create profiles, make public wish lists, buying guides and reviews of their preferred products and services. User customization allows the much-needed freedom that most of your audience would want in your site.

This personalization mechanic is to your benefit, as it’s a way for users to opt-in to your system, understand your programs and ease you in their daily lives. User generated content is a matter of trust between the users and you as an administrator and building this side of the business is a perfect way to create a lasting impression for your digital marketing campaign.

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