These 5 Important Mindsets Make for Successful Business Marketing

>>>These 5 Important Mindsets Make for Successful Business Marketing
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These 5 Important Mindsets Make for Successful Business Marketing

If you’re a business owner, there will be times when you think you’ve done enough marketing. The truth of the matter is that if you’ve come to this thought, it means you actually haven’t done enough of the stuff.

Creating a solid marketing mindset is important in any business, both as a newbie in the scene and a solid veteran in your industry. These mindsets are here to make sure you keep the eye on the prize and prevent complacency.

Mindset #1: You Need Marketing and Digital Properties


The problem with many businesses is that they’ve relied too much on how good their offers are. You’ll be surprised by how many people in the small and medium enterprise industry do not even have websites or digital properties.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Business Use Of Information Technology And Innovation In Australian Business, 63 percent of microbusinesses (4 below staff) in Australia do not have any web presence at all, with small businesses (5-19 staff) only at 41.9 percent and medium sized entrepreneurships (20-199 staff) are still at 19%.

This is not surprising, considering that a lot of people think that digital properties are too expensive, digital marketing and SEO is ludicrous and active brand awareness campaigns are just too incompatible with their products. This kind of thinking needs to be interrupted and broken down.

SMB’s like yours are in an era where competition is stiffer than ever, and being swallowed by the tide of business owners who at least try will eventually kill your venture. Not trying in your business is inexcusable. It’s money you’re draining down and marketing is all about getting customers for your business. The time of business success without marketing is too far and few in-between, if not already dead.

Marketing is a key factor in your business as it helps you prioritise what you need to do every day to make your business viable in the long run, providing value even beyond what your sales team can give.

Mindset #2: You Don’t Give Up On Your Marketing Strategies


What’s the common denominator in successful businesses like Samsung, Apple, Woolworth’s and Telstra other than a gigantic budget? They don’t stop their marketing, but rather adjust and repurpose what works from what does not.

Once you stop doing marketing, your business will start spiralling out of control. This may seem extreme but what do you think happens if you just give up putting your brand out there? People forget you. In a world where there are always other options other than you, a full stop makes your target market forget about you.

You may complain now that doing market strategies are not only time-consuming but a lot of it does not work. You’re correct. A good amount of marketer techniques, if you just shoot randomly, will not work. A lot of it may not work immediately; this does not mean that you give up, but rather segregate what works and what does not, adapt what’s effective and keep doing it. Combine everything that works and utilise them as a winning formula.

Mindset #3: Understand What Your Consumers Need, Not What You Want


Markets are people. They’re not simple statistics or numbers or just values. This means they have their wants, fears, needs, nightmares, traumas, fantasies, pains and personalities. Discovering these can make your strategies richer, leading to a more targeted and solid campaign strategy.

People like being listened to and being given what they want. Like the carrot and stick analogy, businesses that listen to their audience and give exactly what they desire are better at convincing their customers to patronise them.

Even then, you can be the helpful “stick” and tell them what they’re “losing” by not staying with your business. Tell them the cons of not sticking with you and all the bad things that will happen if they leave you.

Working on people’s fears and pains in life is not new in the business and as long as it does not run through unethical methods, it is a viable solution that is used by many successful companies the world around.

Understanding your target market deeper and better is as important as any solution out there. Much like how you try to learn more about the person you are in romance with, a deep understanding of your audience makes for a special and possibly long term relationship.

Learn what they feel about their situation. Look for clear signs of what they want, what their personality is, what they hate, their values, beliefs in life and their outlooks. This is the most important part of marketing.

Mindset #4: Market Without ‘Marketing’


As a consumer of products myself, I don’t like being sold to. You may hate it as well. Businesses that are obviously only after your money are detestable and most likely will not get a lot of buyers going their way.

If you are an entrepreneur, amongst the first lessons you learn is to sell by not “selling”. What this means is, rather than make it obvious that you want your target market’s money, tell them why they need to buy from you. Provide benefits, show value and let them discover what you mean to them.

Once people sees that they’re the ones that discovered you as a viable solution to their pains in life, you have a loyal audience base in the making.

Mindset #5: Break the Status Quo With Ethical Business Practices


When you try digital marketing, your goal is a response to stimuli. You want them to act on their needs and get your offer as a way of pleasure response or catharsis. Even in a cutthroat business world, remember to never, ever cross ethical boundaries.

You may have thought by now how brutal businesses are and how many big industries try to do every underhanded tactic known in the book, but remember that people will eventually catch up to unethical moves one way or another and the last thing that you want is your audience sniffing you out.

Use your allocated resources to your best interest: making your audience love your offers, make them buy and make them your ally. Take into account what they want each time and try to integrate feedback. Not all feedback is helpful, but filter what is and see if it is viable within your budget.

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