Battle for Your Landing Page! Why Benefits Win Over Features

>>>Battle for Your Landing Page! Why Benefits Win Over Features
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Battle for Your Landing Page! Why Benefits Win Over Features

Almost all professional digital copywriters agree that benefits will surely win over your audience rather than talking about features. As much as you think people would love your product, your focus should be on how your creation can make people’s lives more awesome. Stop trying to sell people what your stuff is capable of.

Once you figure this out and fit it in the way you market your product, it will be more than easy to entice your audience into moving towards your sales funnel.

Benefits and Its Critical Value to You


My favourite way of showing people the value of a benefit over a feature is an image created by Samuel Hulick of Useronboard. In the image above, he noted that your business should not aim to just make a product but rather focus on making your audience become a super awesome person by using your product. As Hulick said, “People don’t buy products; they buy better versions of themselves. When you’re trying to win customers, are you listing the attributes of the flower or describing how awesome it is to throw fireballs?”

Benefits give you the advantage to show people that your offering can change their lives and make them better overall instead of simply listing down what your product can do.

Arranging Your Features to Tell Benefits

Not all business people are born digital marketing experts and this is excusable. Like myself before, many of you probably are technical who are very much into the working details of your product so you have mastered the features of your product. There’s a way to transform what you’re offering does to something that can help your audience that they would love.


As an example, if you are selling a solar skylight, one of the features it has is consistent off-grid daylight hours lighting. Though this is a very tantalising feature, it’s much better to spin it around as benefit and tell that “it saves you money while keeping your home bright during the day”. Another good example is performing demolition services for residential homes and businesses. There’s no way you can say the feature of “destroying your old home” is better than “starting your dream… again”. People are not interested if you can tear down their house and remove all debris cleanly, rather people are interested in you helping them starting anew by taking down the old.

Benefits Can Be Emotional. That’s OK.

Benefits do not have to always resolve some type of existing issue, even if this is the ideal situation. It’s sometimes enough to just pander to the emotions of the audience. Remember that you are not trying to sell what items you have or what services you can do. That’s your goal. What you are trying to sell is a better quality of life for your audience and this better quality of life can just work out as an emotional link to your offering instead of a practical one.


For example, a restoration business can show how they preserve memories that you value the most or a hiking equipment company can market how their products help you go back to nature, away from the stresses of city life. This is perfect for businesses who have very little unique ways to present their product. If you can tap into the emotion of your audience, this kind of digital marketing is a strong bond that you can form with them.

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