This is How You Build Your Core Offer

>>>This is How You Build Your Core Offer
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This is How You Build Your Core Offer

Now that you used your lead magnets so they sign up for your mailing list and people have moved another step with your tripwire, it’s about time we talk about your core offer. Prepping your core offer is important.

Not only does the core offer become your main product that you would need the best of your time and resources to work with, it also becomes the defining reason why you would have a business in the first place.

This does not have to be the most expensive part of your deal, but it has to have the best value and building it requires careful considerations.

Your Core Offer Should Reflect Your Mantra

If you are providing a core offer, what you want is something that is similar to being a philosophy instead of simply being a material object. Since this is the central reason of your business even existing, it needs to be a religious experience. It needs to be an immersion of your audience to your world and that your business revolves around making sure people see the benefits to taking in your core offer.

Your Core Offer Needs to Exceed Expectations

You have funneled your audience through different things in your entire sales funnel. You’ve teased them with your lead magnet, you gave them a quick taste of your market with your tripwire and now that you are at this point, excitement is ripe enough to get your audience ready to get as much as what you can offer. This is perfect! Provide your prime deal that has value above and beyond anything that you have shown so far. Leading people to an infinitely valuable proposition is empowering.

Your Core Offer Should Never Get Old

If you are creating something that will be central to the growth of your business and your profits, your prime offerings need to be resalable. It should not be some sort of a one time, big time deal and it needs to be consistent – none of that remaking and re-engineering. It needs to be the heart and soul of your business, so you need to make sure that your audience can expect a similar product time and time again.

Your Core Offer Needs to be Your Most Valuable

When you talk about core, it needs to be the central and most important thing in your entire fleet of offerings. It means it needs to be the most inclusive, highest value and it can, by itself, be sold without anything else and still be a functional product or service to anyone who buys. The core offer’s worth should be beyond a shadow of a doubt the best both in your eyes and their eyes.

If you think what you provide is does not fulfill all of these requirements, it’s best that you try to rehash it into something that adds a ton of value. The last thing that you want is for people to willingly go through your sales funnel, only to be underwhelmed by a weak offering. Bundle stuff if you have to, but until you think that your core offer is your ultimate defining proposition, then rework it into something else. This is your ace in the hole. Make it count.

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