Road to Dominion, 2nd Stage: The Ethical Clickbait

>>>Road to Dominion, 2nd Stage: The Ethical Clickbait
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Road to Dominion, 2nd Stage: The Ethical Clickbait

Clickbait – everybody hates it, everybody crucifies those who use it. It’s the death of facts and journalism and it does nothing but devalue the user experience every time.

There is a way, however, to wash all the grime off clickbait that it becomes your best digital marketing in the game of clicks. You can do this as you lap off the others who stay with the traditional stuff. It’s crazy, I know but it’s not so hard after all.

High Quality Content – A Reason to Stay


To define click bait, it is a title that psychologically goes into a reader’s head so they will opt to click your link, go to your website and read your articles. What follows is a typical feeling of disappointment as the article talks about nothing and cannot follow through the hype of the title. The recent exaggeration has become the pitfall of the article and makes the reader hate themselves for being suckered into it. How do you solve this legitimately though? The simplest answer is adding equivalently high-quality content.

If you are trying to talk about “10 Mindblowing Ways to Cook Eggs”, make sure that the information that you give can justify the hype that you just created. This is what I like to call ethical click bait. Like how trying to give something useful to a customer in exchange for signing up is an ethical bribe, an ethical click bait gives generally informative, top quality write-ups to your audience to make them feel that their time was not wasted.

By focusing on the readability and insightfulness of your stories together with the accuracy of your claims, you inadvertently make your readers stay. Clickbait pulls the reader in, quality content makes them stay.

Building Great Content from Scratch 

Now that you know how to make them stay with quality content, how do you make this? Like building an expensive cake, you use the best ingredients you can find. The content “cake” is made up of many simple but hard to regulate details. While writing your content, here are a few things you would like a yes at the end of your article.

  • Does my article have good grammar and spelling with coherent information?
  • Is my content length enough?
  • Is it formatted properly and readable?
  • Does it add something to my audience’s knowledge?
  • Does it sound professional and with expertise?
  • Have I linked sources properly?
  • Do I have enough media (photos, videos etc)?

If you have one of these answered no, I suggest you go back, re-read your body and address the issues. If your answer is yes on all of them, you have now earned the right to use a click bait title. Understand that you don’t necessarily have to lie in your title to make it click bait but only that you need to make it irresistible. An irresistible title piques your readers’ curiosity and once they read all the informative content that you added, it makes the click worthwhile.

Clickbait by itself is not evil. What makes it evil is the exploitation that happens once you’re on the other side of that link. It’s not just your responsibility to make sure that you give good, high-quality content on your website but it also allows you to have a satisfied reader at the bottom of your pages. If you keep this up, you can expect people jumping around your pages for whatever interesting thing you have to say.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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