Want an Excellent Call To Action? Here You Go

>>>Want an Excellent Call To Action? Here You Go
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Want an Excellent Call To Action? Here You Go

Many people like myself in my newbie days did not know how valuable call to action was. The single sharpest tool you have in your copy, the call to action, not only pulls in the customer. It also makes sure that they are well convinced in their decision to become leads.

Many amateurs and even DIY people would think that only the best copywriters can do proper CTAs. If you are one of them, all you need for a good CTA is understanding the elements of an excellent example of this copy, and why it is effective.

An Excellent Call to Action Speaks to its Audience

A call to action needs to do two things to be effective in speaking with its audience: it spurs emotion and it spurs clarity. A spur to emotion makes the audience feel that they can use the product in their daily lives – that it takes into consideration the things that are important to them. A spur of clarity confirms that what the audience is about to do is the right way to do it and the best way out of everything.


As an example, Lyft’s sign up page talks about how to “turn miles into money”. Most people who would go into Lyft are probably one of two things: potential drivers and potential customers. Since potential customers would most likely get the Lyft app, the first thing that shows up on their home page is the driver sign up form and assures potential drivers that they can turn miles into money by driving with them. This CTA is effective in both its spur to emotion – the need to earn, and its spur of clarity – that driving for Lyft will earn them money.

An Excellent Call to Action Positions Itself Properly

Unique Selling Proposition or USP is a way to position your CTA so you can take advantage of what you exclusively offer to the audience. As an example, McDonald’s likes to leverage the scarcity of their shakes, $1 soft drinks and their new desserts as limited time offers, that the audience should “try it” and “peep the collection” and “start sippin’”.


This positioning creates a value to their products that can be lost if people do not act fast and it’s a marvellous way to push the audience, together with the tasty-looking photos in the background. Understanding what you can leverage to make the customer stop fiddling other things and do what you want them to do is something you would want.

An Excellent Call to Action Takes Advantage of Layout

Your CTA is useless if it’s lost in the clutter. People like me have attention spans shorter than a goldfish’s so you need to do something to make the audience focus on your message. Utilise the whitespace in your pages to add focus to what you are saying. Make buttons that contrast the dominant colour of the page. Position the CTAs in the centre or near the middle, with images pointing towards the actionable form or button.


My most favourite example that I use when talking about taking advantage of layouts is Apple. In the image, the entire page is black with a gigantic image of their iPhone 7 Jet Black at the bottom. The only white text on the landing page is “iPhone” and “This is 7” while the links are in blue. This is why Apple is a genius in marketing. They branded their products enough to have a short, crisp message that says everything about the product’s allure and the only way for you to move out of the landing page initially is to click Buy, Learn More or a list of their Apple Store. If that is not a smart use of call to action, I don’t know what is.

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