This Is How To Use Branding To Get More Customer Success

>>>This Is How To Use Branding To Get More Customer Success
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This Is How To Use Branding To Get More Customer Success

A lot of small businesses tend to think that creating a brand for themselves should only happen once they’re big time. The truth of the matter is that branding should happen as early as you can as it allows for your business to stay longer and more consistently in the minds of your potential customers.

A brand’s not something that you can grasp. It is an abstract concept that you would need to make a reality. If you’re unsure how to do branding for your business, here are the things that you need to remember that can gear you towards success.

What is Branding To Everyone


·         A brand is not just the logo, the colour, the design or anything that is visually perceived, but rather a personality. It is the personification of your business and this represents what your business is.

·         Branding helps people to recognise your product. If they see a product with your style, your colours or your name across it, people will immediately associate that product with the values that your business is perceived to have.

·         If you and your competitors offer a similar product in every way, who do you think your shared demographic will buy from? The one with the overall brand personality that they think fits them. Your goal when creating such an outlook is for you to make them see “why they should buy from your business”.

How Your Brand Affects Your Business


·         The opposite of branding is not customers going to your competitors, but rather a general indifference for what you have to offer. Have you ever gone to a grocery only to overlook the products with no brands on them? That’s because you can’t identify them with any trust markers.

·         Values and virtues sell. Much like how Nike relates itself to hard work and dedication and Arnott’s aim for quality, people relate products to their emotive importance to them. This means if you can find the right values and virtues and stick by them, you tell the audience that you share these with them.

·         Brand loyalty happens only once you and your audience has started to share values with you. People want to be associated with values that are important to them and will see to it that it happens.

·         Branding is there to make you stand out from the competition. By creating your own business personality, you create a space exclusive only for your company and your offers.

·         It also helps you to outperform your competitors. If you invest in your business’ brand efforts, you’re securing a space for your products in the minds of the audience by showing to people that you fit more perfectly to the ideals that they set for themselves.

8 Ways To Create Brand Personality That Sells


·         What you want when you get your team to create a branding around your name is to have a personal connection to your customer base as people. There’s nothing people hate more than having a faceless corporation sell things to them. Your personal connection to your potential customers’ lives is the reality of brands.

·         Research about the demographics that would love to have you in their lives. Narrow it down by age, gender, civil status, religious affiliations, geography and even industry that they belong to. Rather than shoot for everyone and wait for people to see you, shoot for a sure piece of the pie and cater to them.

·         Know the values and virtues of your preferred audience. Know how they talk, how they think, how they communicate to other demographics and to what emotions – both positive and negative, they associate with in their daily living. You want to integrate yourself as seamlessly as possible.

·        We have discussed the idea of a unique selling proposition. Magnify your advantages and associate those with their emotions. Show how your product enriches their lives. Show how your offers relieve them of the fears they have on a daily basis.

·         Create a core brand story. Many businesses thrive in the idea of a humanistic storytelling of how their business came to be and what their business wants to happen. Brand storytelling brings your customers on an adventure and makes them feel that you fully understand what they really are as people. Scientific American has scientifically proven that it is human nature to love stories, so you go for it every time.

·         What you want in your brand storytelling is a value that people clutches near and dear to their hearts. Be as authentic as you can be. You wouldn’t want to try to talk about one value and be found out that you do the opposite. Consumers are not dumb. They know who’s doing it right and who’s faking it.

·         Offer an experience, not just a product. AirBnB is well-known around the world for offering, not just a place to stay in, but rather an experience to have in the place that will be hosting their customers. Do the same. Provide a complete experience where they will feel emotions whilst they’re using your product, from something as simple as relief to something as complex as happiness and satisfaction.

·         Take time to know who your ideal customers are. Have your team dig up on the people who will perfectly enjoy utilising your offer. Find out what emotions can be triggered by using your product and get your brand to wrap around such emotions.

Whether it’s positive or negative, let customers feel that you are an essential part of the emotions that they want. Pain, relief, happiness, sadness, enjoyment, fears, nightmares, resolution… let them feel it. Solve their problem with your offer.


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