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Landing Page Basics

Ok, so users will “land” on your Home page so you think its a landing page.  Your normal Home page is usually not a landing page in the marketing sense.  That is any marketing efforts usually should not be pointed to your Home Page. Your Home page is usually a summary of everything you do and this makes for a poor landing page.  A landing page should be targeted, not general.

A Landing Page should justify the user’s decision to having clicked on the link that brought them to your site, that is the page should reinforce the ad or link they clicked to get there.   A Landing Page should incite the user’s attention, be it a clever header or interesting graphic.  It’s also important that the page “frames the information” in that it is geared to achieve it’s goal whatever that may be.  That goal should be specific to that Landing Page.

Remember, you have 2 to 6 seconds to grab the user’s attention before they’ll ‘bounce’ if they’re not persuaded to stay, and they’ll just get up and leave.

Four common types of Landing pages include:

  • Squeeze page
  • Teaser Page
  • Infomercial Page
  • Viral Page

These are not a definitive list, but these 4 types of landing pages are among the more comment.

Squeeze Page

This is where you “Squeeze” something out of the user by offering something of some value to the user for them to give over what ever you are after.  This  could be an email address or other contact information for say an ebook or access to a Webinar or a special one time discount to one of your products.  These are just examples mind you, you could give anything you want and ask for what ever you need.  Just remember to always consider “Will the user exchange this for that?  Will they be enticed?”

Teaser Page

Giving the visitor just enough information to take them to the next stage of your process.  A good example of this is a ‘coming soon’ page where the user is asked for contact details to be kept up to date on the site/product/business.

Teaser pages are also good for prequalifying potential customers in that you drip feed questions/information to the visitor and move them through proceed according to answers to questions for example until you find if they are a valued lead or not.  Very useful process if you can skillfully keep the visitor interested in your information feeding.

Infomercial Page

Much like an Infomercial on the shopping channel, this is a one stop, all information page.  This provides ALL product information and any special offers all on ONE page.  These can be quite difficult to write to keep the users interest all the way down the page, but when done well they are very effective.

Viral Page

As the name suggests this is about the page being shared.  But not like a viral post which is another beast altogether, no this means a page where you reward the visitor for sharing the site with a ‘friend’.   Be it through offering $5 credit in your store to, like the Squeeze page, something like an ebook each share.


Landing Page musts

5 things to do before starting on a Landing Page:

  1. Define your Goal and the goal of the page.
  2. What will it take to accomplish this goal.
  3. Map out what does the user need to do to achieve goal.
  4. What information does the user need to be convinced to do 3.
  5. How are you going to track your results.

Point 4 is what is called “shared value”, the area where the values of the business overlap with the values of the visitor.  When this happens the visitor is much easier to reach.

Yes, you have to track the progress of your marketing, especially your landing pages, if you are to improve the pages and the marketing that got the visitor there.

What the page needs

  • A logo… preferably the business logo
  • An easily understood explanation of the “offer”
  • A smart, compelling headline. ‘Landing page’ won’t cut it sorry
  • Things like Testimonials and Reviews are always beneficial
  • A strong call to action.


So making a nice website with a beautiful home page and then pointing all your efforts to that home page, it’s not really the best way to go.  Landing pages are an important part of online marketing and in most cases (not all) the Home page is the wrong page.

Landing pages success also need to be measurable and analysable if it is to be effective.   Landing pages are not just set and go pages, they continually evolve with the more data you collect and are refined to maximise your returns.   Landing Pages are ongoing processes, not static pages.

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