Road to Your Dominion, Pit Stop One: What’s Your Product?

>>>Road to Your Dominion, Pit Stop One: What’s Your Product?
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Road to Your Dominion, Pit Stop One: What’s Your Product?

On the first pit stop of the Road to Your Dominion series, let’s talk about your product. So, what are you selling?

I know you may have a selection of good things on sale and you know that too. You know you have an eye for things and you won’t be here at the starting line if you think your product or service is bad. There’s one important thing to understand here though: What’s your product?

Knowing Your Product

When I ask you “what’s your product” and you answer me with a simple answer that lacks enthusiasm or information, then we have a lot more things that we need to do to get this trail on track. When you describe what’s your product, you need to understand what your product is inside-out. How do you do that?

Let me clear the way for you.

The simplest thing to know about your product is the specification. Any seller worth their salt will know what they’re selling and this is an obvious weak spot for people in both the digital and traditional marketing. It doesn’t mean that you have rudimentary information about a goods or service that you flip it immediately.

Do some research. Inspect your brand. Study it. Deepen your knowledge with it. The last thing your business needs is someone who doesn’t know enough.

The Value of Knowing Your Product

I was with Apple as their Product Engineer in the UAE and here’s the story: one of my prime responsibilities that I had with my company’s products is knowing it inside out.

What is the screen made of? What is the size? What are the available processor models? What are the compatible OS versions? What is right for the customer’s needs? This is the bare minimum that you need to know about what you’re selling: the nooks and crannies.

Your brand lives and dies by the product or service you’re selling.

The NBA is nothing without basketball. Apple is dead without its laptop and mobile phones. Nike is successful because they live and breathe sportswear.

Intel and their microchip technology are there because they know every facet of their product. The Fortune 500 brands are at the top because of their knowledge of their fields, especially of their product, is impeccable.

Your Product Identity Is Essential To You

Knowing your product gives you an idea on what it can do and what it is capable of. This information is not only essential in educating your customer but also a way of flaunting your strengths and covering up your weaknesses. It’s rare to have a revolutionary idea nowadays but there will always be a need for something.

Understanding your product top to bottom means you know if you can insert it and fill in the gap that your market needs. Knowing your product means you can market it easily enough that you would not fumble at the slightest bit once people start asking.

Knowing what good points to accentuate and the bad points to steer people’s eyes away is a key element. Know your product and you will be one step towards taking everything yourself.

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