Is Social Media Automation Right For Your Business?

>>>Is Social Media Automation Right For Your Business?
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Is Social Media Automation Right For Your Business?

There is no denying that social media has been the most influential invention of the recent decade. The age of internet has blossomed to connect the entire world and allow us to network with each other. This has made businesses drooling over the market goldmine called you and me.

Among the various strategies to boost presence, social media automation has made things easier for any social media team to take care of the multitude of accounts and stay relevant. There’s just one question though: is social media automation right for your business?

There’s Upsides to Social Bots…

Social media automation has a tonnage of upsides that you cannot overlook. It makes everything easy, it improves your presence and can take care of your posting schedule without having to be physically present all the time. As you know, presence and visibility is everything in digital marketing. Letting down on one of the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest can make people forget about you. If you automate your social accounts, you can be sure that people see you, whatever timezone it may be. Leave it, schedule your posts and you will be continuously interacting with your customers.

…and All of These Downsides Bots Can’t Solve

There is, however, a lot of problems with being able to control everything at once as well, and it’s something automation does not solve. It’s called character. Have you seen all the social media success stories? What’s their common denominator? That’s interacting with their customers properly and answering their concerns with truth, genuine concern and humor even. Character is not something you can automate.


Once people need your help, somebody needs to be there to help. They will not wait for you to answer if not immediately – and this reflects badly on many businesses. These people that your social media automation cannot answer to? They’re the people that are interested in your business. Even if you use bots for your answer system, you run the risk of being the victim of your own schedule, especially if there’s nobody to monitor the automatic replies.

Why Social Bots Are Still Useful and What To Remember

We still have the burning question: is social media automation right for you? If you do not have the money to allocate for a team of people who will consistently monitor your social media presence, the answer is yes. The pros still overturn the cons. Looking concerned and authentic on social media is all dependent on the way you reply and how you word your answers. There’s a few things to remember when doing automation.


First, tell them the truth. If you are letting bots handle your offline reply, it’s best to tell people that you cannot be around 24/7 and that the reply is automated. Promise them you will come back to them as soon as possible. Assure them they are important. Don’t be afraid to be slightly familiar.

Second, time your posts accordingly. It’s best if you post in segmented periods. Set a schedule that mixes up your content and re-purposes the headline for your post. If you need to repost, do it several times in random periods and let your posts have mixed topics. This makes your posts more interesting and not look repetitive.

Finally, have somebody human interact with your audience. Be it you, your staff or a dedicated customer support representative, always make sure to interact when you can. Even just five minutes of interacting with your customer in the comments, re-tweeting related things or even answering queries nets you points in the eyes of your audience. Engagement is an important success key to social media automation, and why shouldn’t it? People love businesses that talk to them and treat them as family, not just walking purses.

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