Word of Mouth Marketing: The Power of Reviews

>>>Word of Mouth Marketing: The Power of Reviews
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Word of Mouth Marketing: The Power of Reviews

The advent of the world wide web, as spread out and globalised as it is, has desensitised netizens about the faceless corporations that are out to get their money. Any business that pops up online make people wary. They’re afraid of the small websites that they do not know.

You can’t blame them.

In this age, digital security is a must and you don’t know what you’re getting. This is why reviews have become more powerful than ever and why you and your business should wield its power as your weapon.

Customer Reviews: Humanising the Computers

There’s a reason why I have always believed that the review, especially the customer review, is a double edged sword for a reason: it is so sharp that it can make or break your business, regardless how big or how small you are as a business. Reviews syphon their power from the mantra of online users that the review humanises the website, and I wholeheartedly agree with it.

As a customer, a review is a welcomed face that you would want to see behind the walls of text, images, video and other media. A review anywhere, be it Yelp, FourSquare, GumTree or even just Amazon, helps pull the clients towards your products because they see that a human like them has tried it and, hopefully, has been satisfied by the product. This means that somebody dared to use your wares and somebody was happy enough to waste their five minutes telling their experience. If there is no problem from your side, you can expect the happy customer to tell people about you.

Some businesses are afraid of reviews because of bad PR. A single bad review can make people doubt the quality of your services, and it will be another mountainous trek to the top if you get that painful PR hit. If you’re a business owner, this manner of thinking should be something you throw out of the window, or risk yourself staying in the rut.

Customer Reviews: Embracing the Sword

Believe me when I tell you to embrace the customer review. Use the review aggregators to your advantage. If you know as a fact that your business is honest and sincere, the customer review is your friend. Get your name out there and spread goodwill across customers. Your target as a business is ubiquity: you want to be found and talked about and be seen everywhere and being visible with directories and customer review sites allow your name to be out there.

Sure, your website is beautiful. You follow all the SEO’s. Your layout is impeccable. Your pitch? Stunning. Your product? The last thing your customers would ever want. Then why are you having trouble with people trying your services? Because no real human has reviewed your services yet and there’s only very few people out there who are willingly going to try an unknown brand. When they do though, and the pioneer users have seen how good you are, you would want them to champion your name. You would want them to be your voice. This is where a customer review is useful. Once somebody has championed your name in their review, expect people to follow. It may not be a quick outpour, but Rome was not built in a day. Be consistent and be a business that people will come back to and you can expect the reviews to come if they can be done.

I am not saying that all the other digital marketing and SEO you have done is for nought, but what I’m saying is if you can arm yourself with multiple “weapons”, it gives you more flexibility to win the battle. In the world of digital marketing, the customer review is a wild beast that can win you lots. It gives you visibility. It gives you range. It gives you mobility. It can tell you what needs to be improved. If you can generate reviews that people trust, expect a good outcome for your business.

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