Road to Dominion: Your Unique Selling Proposition

>>>Road to Dominion: Your Unique Selling Proposition

Road to Dominion: Your Unique Selling Proposition

When talking about owning your market with your product or service, it will always be about your Unique Selling Proposition. It’s what the big companies pay their digital marketing team for: prime their product’s position so that it sounds irresistible.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds and most people trying to sell their products don’t even know the first way to do this. No need to worry though, we’re here to make sure you understand this like how the big boys do it.

Being Different From Everybody Else

The Unique Selling Proposition, in simpler terms, is what makes your product or service different. Known as the USP, it’s the one thing that separates you from everybody else in your industry. It’s not just one simple change or a fancy looking label but a strong indicator of identity.

Unique Selling Propositions are something distinct and charms the customer because of its usefulness to them. Your USP is among your unfair advantages that puts you up there and not down with the others. In an industry where consumers are swarming with needs, there will typically be a hole, a void if you may, that needs to be filled in. Your Unique Selling Proposition should be the plug that they need. It should tell them that it’s what will stop the boat from sinking or keep the house from crumbling. The USP is your badge.

Why You Should Be Unique


It’s not surprising why not many people try to differentiate themselves from the pack. These people are either beginners in the business world or business owners who are happy enough to get by. Businesses without a USP fail most of the time because they’re just not different enough for people to care. They’re lost in the mediocrity because they’re apathetic and don’t care enough to stand out from the crowd. If you’re reading this, it means you’re trying to get a Unique Selling Proposition going. That’s good. You’re not slacking. Let me reward that with a few good tips.

How Do You Become Unique?

If you’re trying to find your USP, the simplest way is to get a pen and paper and write the things that you think makes you different from the rest. Just write it down, think deeply but don’t sweat it too much. Write them in one or two paragraphs or small phrases. Once you do that, scratch off the ones that look too generalized, not interesting or not you. Show your sharpest weapons in the stash and flesh out the crunchiest details that clearly scream “I’m the only one”. The ones that are left are what you think makes you stand out from the rest. This is your Unique Selling Proposition.

If you’re finding this hard to do or you think you’ve been down the rabbit hole deep enough, consider getting yourself some experts in the field that will help you find your business identity and get your Unique Selling Proposition. If you think you’re missing one, get the right people who will make you one but will not burn a deep hole on your pocket. If you want to get ahead and have the higher ground on the way to building your dominion, you need that USP and you need it fast.

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