4 Marketing Strategies You Should Use Now

>>>4 Marketing Strategies You Should Use Now
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4 Marketing Strategies You Should Use Now

There are a ton of marketing techniques available out there. From taking advantage of social media queues to helping yourself become more visible online, you’re bound to miss doing a few of them for your website. If you think it’s going slower than expect, there are four marketing strategies that are essential to any business on the internet.

Optimise Your Website


Optimising your website goes without saying. Search engine optimization allows your website to be ranked properly and have you in SERPs. Once you’re in there, you get more chances of getting found by people who may be interested in what you have to offer.

It’s understandable why many small businesses tend to not work towards optimisation. The problem is that, if you want your customer base to grow, you need this. You can start with a few small tweaks here and there, but these are the most important ones:

  • Make sure your page load speed and refresh times are fast. This is one of Google’s primary markers for their SEO ranking algorithms.
  • Use search keywords that are mostly searched locally. Local SEO keywords tend to have more unique parlance and improve your searchability.
  • Optimise your structure for it to work great with mobiles as well. Over 25% of the global population uses a smartphone, accounting for 1.8 Billion users worldwide.

Make Sure All Directories Are Claimed and Accurate


Directories might sound like they’re a thing of the past, but many smart online users still rely on online listings to find local companies that can take care of their needs. Whilst the advent of social media creates marketing strategies that revolve on word of mouth hype, getting listed allows you wider visibility.

Claim any and all listings that can be done for your business. Make sure that any and all pertinent details for your business are correct, especially your name, location and contact details. Even a single wrong detail can detract customers from going to your business, so you would want to get everything accurate.

  • Standardise all NAP information across all online listings
  • Claim each listing by following the site’s instructions
  • Identify listings that have a good amount of audience and try to improve your searchability further

Be Proactive On Social Media


Having social media only accounts for a small portion of the work that you need to do so people can find your business. Marketing on socials requires you not only to be active out there but also engage your potential audience. Sporadic administration does not work.

  • Create a social media posting schedule you can maintain
  • Post content that is both entertaining and provides value
  • Make your content varied to keep up reader interest
  • Answer questions by replying to their comments

Socials are a great platform to get customers. Letting it sit idly is not a good idea. Use platforms that is relevant to your products. Twitter is great overall, use LinkedIn if you have products geared towards professionals, Facebook and Instagram is great for physical products and sales etc

Advertise Smart, Not Hard


Organic social media posts can only reach up to 6.5% of your followers at any given time in 2015. This has dramatically dropped these past couple of years. I also speculated last week and a half that advertising is not as strong as before due to a recent push across many places to limit ads.

Even then, boost your content correctly. Try to be smart about the posts that you’re trying to boost out there. Advertise whilst you have low amounts of subscribers, then boost posts that are doing well or extra entertaining to your audience.

  • Boost posts with great engagement numbers
  • Boost product announcement posts
  • Boost content that is meant to get subscribers
  • Advertise relevant and useful content
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