5+ SEO and Digital Marketing Trends That Matter in 2018

>>>5+ SEO and Digital Marketing Trends That Matter in 2018
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5+ SEO and Digital Marketing Trends That Matter in 2018

It’s Christmas Eve and 2018 is on the grasp. The overall digital marketing landscape is fast becoming an interesting sight to see; the reason? There’s just so many changes in the internet world that they are slowly shaping the overall space online. Taking advantage of these trends with your business, be it with SEO, marketing or otherwise, may help you work your way into the new year.

No Link Backlinks


Mentions are fast becoming one of the preferred SEO and brand-awareness methods, subverting what has been taught to us in all the backlinks 101 webinars that all of us, you and me, have taken over the years.

Also called implied mentions, this is fast becoming a smart method to teach search engines that your brand name can and should be used as a way to determine your overall authority on the internet. There’s clear evidence that Google has been trying to add this in their view of the landscape since 2014, with content analytics guru Simon Penson discussing how it works.

Duane Forrester, Bing’s former Senior Product Manager, has confirmed that Bing has figured out how to take into account such mentions in their page authority factors, noting this has been in there “years ago”.

Net Neutrality


Australia is as far away from the issue of net neutrality as possible, thank goodness for that. Many agencies across the country are confident that even if USA sets the precedent, the Australian government can take care of any and all issues that may come from abuse of the lack of specific rules to govern Aussie internet.

Even so, digital marketing experts and businesses should keep watch, especially smaller businesses that do not have the mammoth resources to cut a deal with ISPs for faster connections to their websites. This is especially true if the repeal dictates a paradigm shift: a push for the highest bidder to win the rankings game instead of pages with quality content can break the entire web marketing world apart.

This may mean that the value of traditional search engine optimization goes out of the window, and social media, due to their sheer ability to tank deal costs, become more exponentially valuable. This is still a volatile outlook where the bubble may still pop, so it’s smart to keep an open eye.

Mobile First Design and Voice Search


We have mentioned this a lot of times and we will tell this again because it’s irrefutable: mobile and voice search is the future and knowing how to take advantage of mobile marketing is important.

Making your website mobile friendly is amongst the first things that you do. Responsive web design goes a long way to making sure you can be viewed properly on all devices, especially in mobile phones and tablets. Everybody has been preaching about this web design philosophy for years now, but it’s important now more than ever.

Additionally, voice search optimisation is a now thing that your small business should be taking by the neck. Its focus on long-tail keywords, geographically significant searches and local proximity with near-instantaneous turn-around makes it an important key to unlocking SEO success.

Leading SEO guru Neil Patel couldn’t have put it better:

“Voice search and personal assistants are altering the landscape we’ve known, presenting a new challenge and opportunity for marketers, who will have to reassess their SEO strategy to accommodate such changes.”

Relevance and Latent Semantic Indexing


I personally love latent semantic indexing, and discussed it extensively in the past. Google is starting to use this wider and better through their RankBrain AI system, which employs the search engine’s cutting edge artificial intelligence technology in trying to understand if your content is truly valuable.

How latent semantic indexing hits your views, engagements and conversion rates can make or break your position in your market, especially how the possibility of making searches query-specific instead of keyword-similar can shift the tide of how digital marketing works in the near future.

Page Load Speeds


Page load speeds have become more and more important as there are more and more options for the entire internet. Your small business should be able to compete with any large enterprise website with great page load speeds – it is a ranking factor after all.

People hate slow and people hate page lag some more. Website speed is proportional with how profitable it becomes, affecting ROI and conversions directly. Faster speeds mean more conversions and higher bottom lines for your business. Your target according to Moz? Less than five seconds.

Bonus: Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency


This is more of a shoe-in for the possibilities for your business’ financing, but Bitcoin and cryptocurrency values have exploded in 2017, making me wonder if they should be legitimate payment options for SEO work and other services. There’s a lot of possible ups and downs to accepting such a volatile payment options for your products, especially if you’re a small business. Hear me out for a second, however.

A lot of people are still looking into the possibility of Bitcoin not being a bubble after all, but everyone is afraid because it is a bleeding edge technology that can kill your business if everything crashes down under you. However, there’s also no denying how valuable cryptocurrencies are right now, and there’s no signs of them stopping any time soon.

Just think of this as a stock market investment, considering it follows the same economic trends and the general ideas behind it are near similar. Forgive how I ponder in a list that talks about SEO and marketing, but imagine the possibilities that cryptocurrency can open for your business. It’s basically similar to being paid in stocks. It is a future you may want to dip your finger into first before most other businesses in Australia.

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