7 Things You Miss Out If You Don’t Build Your Local Business Website

>>>7 Things You Miss Out If You Don’t Build Your Local Business Website
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7 Things You Miss Out If You Don’t Build Your Local Business Website

If you have started your own business, congratulations! You’re blazing your own path in this world.  A product or a service needs to be shown to its potential audience, and what better way to do this than with a website made by professional web developers.

What? You think you don’t need it? You’re missing out on a wide slew of benefits that many of your competitors are enjoying if you don’t build your own site.

You Miss Business Opportunities


“Why do I need a website?”. The simplest answer to this simple question is that it sells your products and services. In the modern internet where almost every demographic below 65 uses it, you’re missing out on a wide chunk of potential people that can discover your brand.

If you’re a brick and mortar business, this is an especially strong business opportunity you are not taking advantage of. Whether you’re selling products for younger people or services to older people, showcasing how good your product is when they research you convinces better than not being visible at all.

You Don’t Get To Maximise Your Marketing Potential


You might think that having a Facebook page or a Twitter account is enough, but having a website puts your brand down and allows you to maximise your advertising and marketing’s ROI.

By using a website, you can show outwardly what you are really made of, instead of just having your business confined by the limits of your Facebook page and the infrastructure around it. All of your marketing efforts go back to your website, monopolising the attention of your audience to your content and your content only.

No website means a limited scope and limited attention to what you sell.

You Don’t Get a Strong Community Hub


Do you know what made international businesses like Apple, Samsung, Sony and Microsoft successful? It’s a community. Even without a website, you can build your own community yes, but again, you’re limiting your management options within a certain infrastructure.

For example, if you have a Facebook, Twitter and maybe a Reddit community, how about people who do not use those social media but are fans of your business? Not all people like social media and for older people, it’s tedious to create an account for these. In addition, some Facebook users don’t use Twitter or Reddit and vice versa, so you’re dividing your community into parts.

Without a website, there’s no central hub for your potential audience and you lose out on a strong community that you could’ve built within.

You Don’t Get Google’s Local Business Boosts


We tell it a lot and we will tell it again, Google loves its local businesses. With Google My Business, the 3-Pack and the information window on the Google Search Page, Google empowers your small business with their tools and direct as many of them to you.

With the right SEO and smart marketing, you can utilise keywords that funnel audiences to your pages and give you visibility on the world wide web. In addition, the explosive emergence of a strong mobile search demographic through the use of voice assistants and voice search has allowed people to find businesses easier.

You Miss Improved Visibility


No website? No visibility. You’re invisible to an audience looking for solutions that your local business can provide. This means nobody cares, albeit for a few locals. Even then, what do you provide them? If you’re not providing good service, you might as well close your business. If you’re providing good products and services, you’re wasting your business potential by limiting your audience scope to your proximity.

Your website is your business card. It is you introducing your brand to people looking for somebody like you. If you can present your website as an answer to the needs of the people, you’re not limited to people noticing your business in some back alley, but rather directing them and showing that what you provide is worth people’s time.

The all-important visibility is made through the internet.

You Miss Out On Creating Your Own Business Path


Do you really think your Facebook page or your Yellowpages local directory page is enough to promote your business? It is not enough. When you publish your content on another website that controls the community standards, rules and regulations, you are at the mercy of their approval.

If they rollout something that you don’t agree with, you have no choice but to say yes and accept it. This is especially a problem when Facebook, for example, has reduced the organic reach of pages, making their page owners need the ad platform and boosting for pages to be even useful. Whilst both are not bad ways to advertise, you really have no choice on the matter if you don’t want to do them. All you’re waiting for is shrivel in a corner.

With your own website, you pave your own path. You move your business towards a position that is the best with you, creating marketing structures that only benefit you and creating a strategy that you set up for yourself, whether that’s organic link building or PPC.

You Miss Out On An Inexpensive Marketing Property


If you still think a website is too much work for you, you’re basically passing over a very affordable and simple marketing tool that costs you a small percentage of your business a year. Obviously, hiring a digital marketing team, a web designer and/or an SEO specialist can cost you more than a couple of hundred dollars upwards to a few thousand, but imagine such a website as your investment.

Websites can give you a big amount of return of investment or ROI as long as you set it up properly. Like a digital property, a website is a business location that has your name on it. Design it properly, market it correctly and structure it to its potential and you’re looking down a boost in your ROI that offloads the cost of hiring an entire team.

If you don’t want a team to take care of your site, you’re looking down at a time sink that would take a bit of your time. A smart way of measuring what’s a better option is comparing the hourly cost of hiring a team vs the hourly amount of money you will earn if you took care of your website itself. If the cost of DIY is too high, a digital marketing team becomes the solution.

Regardless, having a website is, by all calculations, an inexpensive marketing property that you fail to realise if you opt not to get your own.

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