How To Write Your Marketing Emails: 4+ Ways You Can Improve Your Copy

>>>How To Write Your Marketing Emails: 4+ Ways You Can Improve Your Copy
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How To Write Your Marketing Emails: 4+ Ways You Can Improve Your Copy

Whether you’re creating a mailing list for your subscribers or pushing a sales pitch to your clients, you need to be able to write emails that convert.

A badass email that rings professionally whilst being convincing is a strong point that any thriving marketer needs to development. This rings true considering that email marketing has the highest conversion rate of all campaigns, with a whopping 66% according to the Data and Marketing Association (DMA) National Email Report in 2015.

What do you need to nail that mail campaign that you need to be doing? Here’s how.

Starting with Your Subject Line…

Go Away From the Dead Zone

We all start with the subject line and let me tell you something simple to start with: you need to make sure your subject line is not in the “dead zone”. The Dead Zone is what marketers call a subject line that is found between 60 to 70 characters.

It’s bizarre to say the least what’s so special with 60 to 70 characters that basically kills your click to open rates, but it’s backed by multiple studies, including some from Adestra, Alchemy Worx and MailChimp.

It’s best to work with this type of sweet spot so you can play with your words better.

Use Actionable Words To Give a Push

Subject lines should use words commonly used for call to actions. Actionable verbiage is a great psychological technique to help push your customers to click. Words like “Download”, “Now”, “Today”, “You”, “Instantly”, “New”, “Sensational”, “Remarkable” and the like are some great words that are perfect for your customers.

Clear Before Catchy But Don’t Forget Catchy

Threat your subject as your email marketing headline. By doing so, you will see that your line should be clear and catchy, with emphasis on clarity before catchiness. Online marketing guru Neil Patel couldn’t have said it any clearer:

“Clarity means making your content easy to understand. If people can’t understand what you’re trying to say, then your content is not useful, right?”

Make sure your subject line is easy to understand, and then try to be catchy. Here’s a few examples of these:

  • Here’s A Great Place to Relax. You Like Relaxing, Right? (58 characters, 10 words)
  • Solar Power In Your Home. Not Hippy Anymore. (46 characters, 8 words)
  • Download These 5 Ways That Can Help Improve Your ROI (54 characters, 10 words)

See the examples? They’re clear, actionable and try to be either catchy or funny to provoke action.

Working on the Copy of Your Email Campaign

Assert Why You’re Trying to Talk to Them

Now that we’ve created a great start, we’ll get the ball rolling with the body of your email. The header should be smarter than simply Dear [Audience Name]. Dynamic naming is not enough now that a lot of phishing emails play with this method.

Explain in your header how you know the recipient of the email – typically by asserting your company’s name in big bold letters and talk why you’re trying to communicate with them. By doing so, they can sort out that you’re not just there to get them to log into something, which by itself sounds suspicious enough.

Talk in Second Person… Not Too Much Though


False personalisation is pretentious. Let’s get that out of the way. Acting like you know the recipient personally, unless you actually do, can trip a lot of red flags with your audience. Talking in second person verbiage is great for email marketing, but limit writing your recipient’s name like a crazed psycho.

You, your, yours. These words push the copy towards your recipient. It makes them own the copy. If somebody feels like they are given possession of something, be it tips on their first SEO words or a product with deep discounts, shifting ownership empowers a reader.

Benefits, Not Features In Your Marketing

Benefits not features has always been our advocacy in Sparta Digital when it comes to any type of marketing, be it for your landing page or your email campaign. In fact, I’ve discussed that extensively in a previous article on the matter.

To make it short, taking about what your recipient gets instead of what the product has is always a better way to entice your customers. Rather than just slapping in a big discount for your email marketing or telling about the latest specs of your product, tell your recipients the value of the product that you have.

Don’t Forget the Images!

Including images is a visual treat to any reader. It breaks the monotony of a wall of text. Visual marketing is a scientific play on the way people respond to stimulation, and images do nothing but that.

Use infographics, play with vector graphics and get photos that speak to the customer. Make a simple gif or small videos that talk to your clients. Use colours that can pique imagination and try to push for movement.

Make Responsive Emails Fit For Smartphones

Smartphones are overtaking desktops slowly when it comes to opening emails. In fact, 79% of smartphones are used for opening emails – far more than the smartphones used for making calls overall.

What does this mean for your email copy? This means that you need to create an email that provides a responsive design, so much so that it would still look great and coherent on the smaller screen of a phone.

Do not make images oversized, flush text properly and work out a way to be as short and to the point with your email marketing as you can be whilst still keeping the personality of your communication intact.

ROI for email marketing is not instant, but you can make it easier if you follow these tips.

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