The Internet is Ready To Kill Ads. Here’s How You Save Yourself

>>>The Internet is Ready To Kill Ads. Here’s How You Save Yourself
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The Internet is Ready To Kill Ads. Here’s How You Save Yourself

When was the last time that you got a banner ad clicked and converted? Sometimes, click-through rates can fool the undiscerning eye. As much as 60% of clicks performed for mobile sites are accidental or forced whilst the bounce rates are astonishingly high at a whopping 91%. Digital marketing agencies are at the forefront of a big problem that need to be rectified.

Here’s the issue. Technology is being developed and ready to make sure ads die. Just look at adblockers. Chrome is rife with ad blockers from third party developers and they’re about to launch a built-in one for 2018. Opera has already done that. Safari is working as well in taking care of it using intelligent tracking prevention.

This is bound to be a disaster for the digital marketing industry. Now the real question that we need to ask: how do we solve this? How do we keep our profits afloat and our agencies running? We need to go back to the basics.

Sell an Experience, Not an Ad

The guy who helped invent banner ads has noted that when they first created it in 1994 for AT&T, they were not doing it to advertise – they were doing it to give the people surfing the internet an experience. They then received a CTR of 44%.

In essence, that’s what we should be doing as digital marketing agencies. The landing page and sales funnel should not be an introduction to another obvious sales pitch, but a way to talk to the customers that your products and services are worth their time.

Your content needs to be helpful – make people find better use for your site other than you throwing them a sales pitch. Give them information. Give them education. Entertain them if you have to and add utility to your site. Create a treasure trove of original content and find ways to get your name out there.

Use Your Customer Emails as Actual Communication

Start talking to your customers in emails instead of simply making them sift through another advertisement. The typical newsletter does not work anymore. It’s best if you send them an email every time they do (or not do) something on your site.

If they abandoned a cart whilst logged in, check with them why. Send coupons if you can. Remind them that their cart is waiting to be checked out. Offer them additional knowledge on the products that they checked. Focus on communicating with your audience correctly and you’re bound to get through them somehow.

Marketing to People, Not Statistics

Embrace the change. The truth of the matter is that your marketing needs to involve people, not numbers. Whilst the numbers are good-to-see pieces of information, you need to engage with your audience. Remove the walls between you and them and for once, humanise your approach.

Identify who you’re talking to. See who’s coming and reading your site and what they do in it. Approach your business like you’re about to offer something helpful to a close friend. By thinking like this, you get to see the audience not as simple statistics but as people.

Unlock parts of your business that you have not done before. Reach out to your audience and do not enjoy the waiting game. Keep trying to talk to them. See what problems they want to solve by going to you. Let them know you’re there. Use social media to your advantage. Digital marketing is not easy and it’s not supposed to. You need to provide value to their lives.

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