Solving the Digital Marketing Landscape’s Talent Gap

>>>Solving the Digital Marketing Landscape’s Talent Gap
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Solving the Digital Marketing Landscape’s Talent Gap

The modern internet marketplace has come of age. From the wild west of the recent decade, the digital marketing scenario has come to its industrial age where people of different skills and different crafts have something to add to the table.

The truth is that the market is at a level of saturation that is ready to break open – potential is at an all-time high but the amount of people wanting to groom the next generation marketers are very low. The gap is so big that businesses should take a look and reassess how they work with agencies.

Marketer Skill Gap: Why Nobody Wants Rookies

We’ve seen that the world has the ripest talent of the foremost experts in the SEO and digital marketing field. Neil Patel, Jay Baer, Darren Rowse, Rand Fishkin… these names are just a few of the names that can grow 20,000 visits per month in traffic and can break down the entire market place to maximise optimisation. Then there’s the mid-tier veterans who run agencies who know the ins and outs of the business – then there’s the greenhorns who know just enough to be useful.

The problem with today’s digital market is that many of the people in the higher wrung of the skill ladder are not interested in teaching people under them even if they are employees. Many businesses have a tendency to expect expertise upon hiring entry levels, which severely underutilises the available training programs out there. This is not even conjecture.

Forbes specifically noted in their 2017-2018 market prediction that the talent gap exists, and it is “the root cause of unsuccessful campaigns.” The issue is that, it seems, that the experts and veterans are expected to help elevate their brands into success while the entry level people are expected to do most of the dirty work without helping them rise up in skill.

Filling the Skill Gap


Talent is potential recognised. This is why the answer to the ever-growing gap between abilities of the entry-level guys and the industry veterans is training. Not just training but holistic training. For your business, you would need to build up your new people into areas that even they are unsure of.

Teaching your people to know how to function in many emerging areas like content marketing, analytics, social marketing, SEO and personalisation gives them a holistic understanding of how a campaign should work and where are the breaking points for the entire run.

The sales team needs to learn and understand the core principles of content marketing and SEO and how it can be used to pull people inward the business. The technical team should be taught non-core sales principles so they can understand better how the funnel moves and where to take the customer throughout the process.

Hiring Digital Agencies As Mentors

Online training is easy and simple nowadays. Just give your employee something to focus on, give them resources and let them read and read. The truth of the matter is that, in many teams, veterans do not have enough time to help their entry-level guys. Smaller businesses do not have the luxury of having a marketing expert within their ranks. This is why a marketing agency can be helpful in mentoring the talent potential available within the business.

An agency that works their business around new information, training, SEO and new digital marketing concepts that can be utilised by clients can be an important partner, not only in building sales for the business, but improving the overall independent abilities of your employees.

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