Search Engine Optimization Stopped Being About Numbers

>>Search Engine Optimization Stopped Being About Numbers
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Search Engine Optimization Stopped Being About Numbers

SEO has become an integral part of online business and marketing, and there is still a mistake that everyone tends to believe at times. The fallacy is that search engine optimization, for all of the things that it is, many experts believe it is a numbers accumulation method. You’ve heard it so much.

From the 100 dollar basic webinars to the 2000 dollar one-on-one training that you get, whenever people talk about SEO, it’s always about playing the algorithms game with Google, tricking Google to see the meta like this and picking a preset number of keyword densities and increasing SERP rankings. This is not always the case.

What Search Engine Optimization Is

Optimization is about having your customer engage with your content. It is about delivering conversions and having people care about you, your content and your brand, which should eventually lead to something profitable like a sale or ad revenue.

Content Marketing is still a better metric of value, rather than just having Google see your raw numbers. You need to have something fresh. You need to publish something authentic – something that you actually believe rather than spouting some random nonsense about your brand. If your audience sees that they are going to have any use for the content that you create, they will surely engage. What’s the point of numbers if there’s no engagement between you and your audience?

When SEO Does Not Work

Let’s take content marketing as a prime example. What does SEO tell about content? The common technique is creating backlinks… dozens upon dozens of backlinks. Search engine algorithms say that a lot of backlinks are good. What’s the technique that many of us learn in expert webinars? Put these backlinks in articles, spread them around in different properly, interlink them and stagger the backlinks so Google does not flag the explosive growth of the domain. This is all good until you realize one thing.

These web properties are made to push inbound links to your primary website, but they’re not there for human consumption. It never occurred that these articles, though they pass all the checkmarks that “fool” Google that they are quality articles, but are they really quality “human” articles? Such sites do not convert. They do not funnel clicks to your main website. They may actually be so bad that no well-meaning person would care about them.


What Google is Trying Now

Google just pushed a late first quarter update last March, which in a gist will penalize websites with low quality or very thin content. Unofficially named Fred, Google is trying to push marketers away from thinking that optimization is just a numbers game. This is meant to kick off SEO strategists off the numbers stool that they so much enjoyed sitting at all these years. They are aiming to make search engine strategies revolve around providing quality material to the audience, because the higher the content quality is, the more interested the audience becomes. The more interested the audience becomes, the more likely they will go through ads and products.

With Google’s new push for quality strategies instead of metrics, the paradigm shift is about to happen. No more of strategists just crunching in the numbers to get higher on the totem pole called SERPs. No more badly written sites – just thoughtful stories that talk about how a product can change lives. Smart, genuine discussion between audience, as moderated by editors. You can expect the numbers game to stop and get the red card from Google, but you can be sure they will never put penalties on well-thought out content.

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