3 Reasons Local SEO is Still Relevant Plus Tips How to Win the Local Battle

>>>3 Reasons Local SEO is Still Relevant Plus Tips How to Win the Local Battle
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3 Reasons Local SEO is Still Relevant Plus Tips How to Win the Local Battle

Local SEO is not just about your tradies and little mum and pop shops that only need to be found by people in a specific area. Even the bigger businesses are now trying to get a slice of the local pie – and Google loves playing with the local stuff. Whilst the relevance of this type of optimization bounces between useful and lesser than noteworthy in different changes, its value never wanes.

Google Loves Their Local Businesses


As the years come by, Google has tried its best to catch as much of the local business scene for searchers. Their favourite method is to play with flexible, agile but much smaller businesses rather than big name companies.

Though it seems that SERPs have a tendency to prefer pages that have a great history and domain authority, even Google provides what a customer is looking for locally. This shows up in their search page itself, where they provide the well-known 3-pack results: the ABC locations of the nearest, most relevant businesses together with their location in Google Maps.

This means that if you optimise for local intent, it gives you a bigger chance to show up in anyone’s search looking for a nearby service. This is especially enticing considering that, according to Blogspot, 1 in 2 customers who searched in their mobile visited within the day and almost 2 in 5 people who use their computers did the same.

It enables local businesses and anyone who has local presence to have a breakthrough even if their resources are highly limited. Google loves giving out tools to improve local SEO for businesses with fewer resources, so their updates have focused on empowering these types of searches.

Google Likes Geo-Data. Think of The Advantages


Let’s all face the facts: Google loves harvesting everyone’s search data. This is not always bad, considering that they love trimming all the fat and giving their searchers the good stuff. Because they love personalising searches according to the user’s search histories and algorithm, geographic data comes into play a lot.

What does geographical data + personalised searches mean? This means that local optimisation is growing ever important in the grand scheme of things. With individualised results becoming the norm, this means you would want to integrate more localised keywording in your SEO battle plan.

Mobiles and Wearables Make Local Searches More Precise


The mobile search platform has boomed to exponential levels over the last decade and continues to become bigger and bigger as people shift to portables like phones and wearable devices. A staggering 87% of mobile phone users use a search engine at least once a day, whilst 18% of mobile searches tend to translate to a first day sale for a product.

This means the value of mobile searches that includes geo-location and proximity data increases more and more as the years go by. Geographical relevancy in SEO has never been more useful, especially since wearables encourage people to be mobile. If this happens, you would want to be there when people start searching for nearby businesses to put their money to.

Local SEO Rankings Means Extra Work


Improving local SEO requires a bit of extra work and effort from your part. It doesn’t mean you’re nearby that you can easily be found. You need to stay on your toes and do work as you do search engine optimization on the regional level.

  • Make sure your local citation information is correct. People will try to answer their needs and you need to be there and have your contact details ready and properly filed in online directory listings.
  • Build for local content. See what people want in your locality and try to aim for that. Talk in the local dialect, try to reference local happenings and build relationships in the community. Making your audience feel the community helps with brand loyalty.
  • Encourage customers to give reviews. You wouldn’t want these to be bought out. Offer ethical bribes. Give discounts. Never buy reviews. They need to be genuine and resonate to the local flavour of the area you are trying to rank for. Do what you can to improve positivity around your business and make sure that you’re ready to provide great service.
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