4 SEO Tactics That Can Put You on Google’s Naughty List

>>>4 SEO Tactics That Can Put You on Google’s Naughty List
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4 SEO Tactics That Can Put You on Google’s Naughty List

Christmas is less than a couple months away and we’re in the season of gift giving! With this holiday on its way, we’re feeling a little bit generous and we’re here to try and help you sort the gifts of search engine optimisation for you and take you off Google’s naughty list.

You might not have noticed but the current meta for the optimisation landscape has changed over the last few years. If you don’t follow through and scrap your old search engine techniques and link building methods, you might get coal from the SERPs for your hard work.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is one of the most ancient artificial site padding since the early days of the internet and people trying to fool Google. It’s basically adding the exact, same keywords over and over again. The problem is that search engines are now far off their infancy stages, doing more than just counting keyword densities.

Just like how Christmas cake becomes better as it gets older, all of the algorithms from the updates through the years has only made them smarter at detecting bad wording. Besides, re-using the same word again and again is not only annoying to your audience but informs your readers that you’re having a hard time communicating your ideas.

Use Multiple Levels of Site Hierarchy

A flat page hierarchy is amongst the things that you would want to change as soon as possible. A home page and supporting pages hierarchy isn’t going to cut it. This happens when you don’t provide categories and sub-categories to your pages. Just like a nice, tall Christmas tree, you need to have a top level, going deeper and deeper as needed.

Why do you need this? Because SERPs have a tendency to value upper levels of your directory over the lower ones. This means that they find the higher hierarchies of more importance compared to the levels below.

At the very least, an SEO-friendly slug requires 3 to 4 levels for it to work properly. This means having the home page at the top level, categories and then supporting pages or content. If you’re going for 4 levels, add subcategories between categories and your supporting content. This constitutes what we call a silo architecture.

Never Buy Links

Paying for links is a big no-no as Google specifically notes that they are a breach of their webmaster TOS. You should be happy if you get even coal from the big G if you even try doing this.

White hat SEO has become more and more relevant the past few years, and this is especially true now that RankBrain, the Big G’s artificial intelligence ranking algorithm equivalent to the Skynet, is taking care of penalising websites on their naughty list.

We’re quite hard-nosed when it comes to link-buying: if you’re one of our clients, we will exhaust each and every way to make sure that you do not have any backlinks from these purchase sites. We’ll be wasting each other’s time if we do all the white hat work for you whilst you still keep pushing your luck with short-term solutions.

Low Quality Content is a No Go

As SEO guys, we don’t want to be the Grinch on your content but low-quality is not excusable anymore. Most of the customers that we do work for have the same trouble as anyone who owns a website and an actual business: they have no time to do the content itself. Whilst Sparta provides content service, we make sure that each topic passes by rigid quality standards.

Whilst I personally came (and still come) to content mills every now and then for jobs, you’ll not always be lucky to find someone who can provide quality enough content for your needs. Not all writers can adapt their writing styles to fit the topic, the tone and the expertise required to do dollar-menu contracts.

Your site content should be something like a roaring Christmas fireplace – robust, beautiful, enticing to the readers and commands an audience. It needs to work. It needs to do its purpose. Write something that will be needed. Don’t do it for the robots.

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