4 Signs You Should Fire Your So-Called SEO Guru

>>>4 Signs You Should Fire Your So-Called SEO Guru
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4 Signs You Should Fire Your So-Called SEO Guru

We all want to see instant results, this applies to everything, but even children know, magic wands do not actually exist. When things are going slow with your SEO, there always comes the moment when you ask yourself “Are they even doing anything?”. Unfortunately, another dilemma comes right after – “Should I fire my SEO provider?”. I’ll give you four hints when you should:


1. Your SEO Agency gives you a guarantee about rankings.


This one should be a sure fire warning; there’s no guarantee in SEO. Ever! Actually, you should have never got into business with such a provider in the first place, but to err is human. If your agency keeps promising you the #1 spot for “that” keyword phrase, but they don’t deliver, don’t be surprised.  If they do deliver quickly, be warned, it may only last long enough for them to collect their check.  Guarantees and Black Hat SEO usually go hand in hand.  Three types of people give guarantees in SEO; Liars, cheats and the naive.   Black Hat SEO may give rewards in the short term, but you will reap what you sow, and Google will come down on you with all its might.  You could be number 1 one day and deindexed the next.  Black Hat SEO is to SEO as loan sharks are to the credit industry; sure you’ll get your money in the short term, but you will pay dearly for it in the long term.  Again, not only should you part ways, you should never have started business in the first place.

 2. All they talk about is links


If I tell you that links are not important, I would be lying. But just building links is so 2008. SEO grew up quite quickly through the years and it is not what it used to be. Back in the day, building as many links as possible, regardless of quality, would have skyrocketed you to the top. You do this now, ignoring quality of links, and you run the risk of being deindexed. SEO has became much more than a cheap tactics for ranking for those ever elusive keywords. This you should be aware of. If your SEO agency is talking primarily about how “we’ll be building a lot of links for you”, you should probably step aside and look for another agency. Links are important, but quality, not quantity, is everything. Content is something that deserves more attention so you grow your backlinks naturally.

 3. They never asked for a single piece of content


On the topic of content, SEO now is about optimising your website for human beings. In most cases, people are visiting your website, because they need some sort of information. Meaning, if your website is short on valuable information, you’ll likely find it very difficult to ever rank. The big mistake most of the business owners do is, that they outsource the content creation. Using excuses like “I am not a writer” or “I don’t have the time to do it”, business owners are literally putting the future of their own business (your blood, sweat and tears) in the hands of a stranger who know little to nothing about their trade. Most of the times they are not a native English speaker, so the service is cheaper to compound the issue. Do you now see where this is going? You are putting somebody else’s words in your mouth. This is how the world will be seeing you, how your customers, prospects, leads, will be seeing you. If they don’t like what they see, they’ll go away and will probably never come back.

Writing is not that scary. Think of it as a simple conversation with a client. You are the expert, after all; you can easily explain things related to your work. If you can do it with your mouth, you definitely can do it with your hands.

All that said, if your SEO provider never asks you, the expert in your field, the one who understands your industry and customers better than anyone else, for content, well, this is a massive red light.   Confront them about it yourself and make a judgement call about, remember 9 times out of 10, this mob is not for you.  Remember Content is King.  If they see no value in your input, they see little value in getting you leads.


Pro Tip:  Got writer’s block?  No problem, so out and buy yourself a voice recorder. Have a chat with it. Get someone to convert it to paper for you.  Then edit the result.  Hey presto, you have an article to post.

4. No regular reports issued.


SEO is an expensive service and you have the right to be concerned if everything goes well or if it moves at all. So whenever you sign an SEO contract, make sure you’ll be getting regular reports (usually once a month or every two weeks). If you are not getting them, then you should raise your voice. Good agencies and SEO providers are fine giving regular reports because they know that this is how things should be.  As the client, you deserve to know where your money is going. I can’t say the same for those shady “agencies” who never send a single report to their clients. If you get the “We are too busy” excuse, the red light should immediately start blinking. Why? Because the reports are calculated in the overall price – you’ve already paid for them.

Plus, nobody is that busy to make a report or just compose a short email saying “Hey! Just wanted to let you know that…”. Am I right?


So after reading this advice of 4 key points, let us know about your SEO provider.  Are they ticking the boxes or crossing the boxes.  Still unsure?  Contact us, and we’ll happily help you evaluate your SEO free of charge.  We pride ourselves on helping small to medium businesses get the most out of their marketing dollar whether we benefit directly or not.  If we feel your SEO provider is doing right by you, we will tell you not to fire them.

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