Optimising Your Tags

>>>Optimising Your Tags
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Optimising Your Tags

By now we’ve talked a lot about the importance of keyword research. This is the life blood of SEO, and rightly so as it makes you visible in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Visibility is prime, and to be ranked as high as possible with your tags will boost your website’s hits. Smart usage of your keywords can spell the difference between zero visits, a trickle of visitors or getting your business visible for everyone .

The foremost tip that you need to remember when choosing the right keywords is relevance. Usually, in word articles, SERPs check the contents of an article for the keywords researched by the user. The proper amount of keywords helps line up the page for the search. Keyword balance in the article cannot be emphasised enough. Search engines have been made smart enough for them to look through the web and scan the page with keywords that the user needs. You have to be careful, however, not to fill the page too much with just keywords that don’t relate with the content. Putting too many keywords will raise a red flag with the search engine and consider this spam. This method is called keyword stuffing and this will cause your page to be overlooked by the search engine. Try to balance the number of mentions of your keyword on the article, maybe to around 3 to 4 times in articles with less than 300 words or to around 2% of your total number of words in higher word count content.

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Another good thing to remember when doing your keyword research is to try different combinations of keywords. People research differently, but patterns emerged between many people. Keyword combinations are more likely to be grammatically correct phrases that “roll off the tongue”. Humans search the web like they’re asking questions from a stranger, hence you would need to combine your phrases by thinking not like a web developer or a seller but as a consumer.

Going forward, this next tip can go hand in hand with your keyword research tools. When looking for good keywords that you would want to use for your pages, try to shuffle your keywords into different positions and see which combination is the most searched. Some search terms will yield better results if you treat them differently, like which word comes at the start of the phrase. For example, simply searching Thailand flights prices against flights prices Thailand yields search results of 43.9 Million results vs 45.2 Million results. This difference of 2 million results can make or break your site by allowing less competition in a relevant set of keywords. In addition, the difference between Thailand flights prices and Thailand flight prices is a whopping 13.2 million less for the 2nd set just for the difference of singular vs plural for the 2nd word. If you choose your keywords smartly, maybe assisted by a keyword research tool like Moz or Raven Tools, you can pick and choose the keywords that are most relevant for your content, while having the least competition. It’s long work, but developing a method, in the long run, will help your site and eventually give you an easier time.

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There is no easy path to learning the ins and outs of the internet and keyword research. There’s no one way to do it and there are no shortcuts to blast to the top. The thing is, SEO is not a simple short term work. It is a lengthy process that will take a long time to give returns. Building your pages continuously and optimising those helps you rank better, and newer techniques and tools can help your campaign to go further in the long run.

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