Road to Dominion, 2nd Stage: 5 Small Webmaster Mistakes That Cause Big Business Problems

>>>Road to Dominion, 2nd Stage: 5 Small Webmaster Mistakes That Cause Big Business Problems
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Road to Dominion, 2nd Stage: 5 Small Webmaster Mistakes That Cause Big Business Problems

As we push into the second stage of the road to dominion, we start the journey with the tiny details that you might not have cared about your site. Many newbies in the digital marketing business have made small mistakes here. There that might have lost them a good chunk of visitors – and that isn’t an uncommon problem.

You may have a crazy good product that can sell in the millions or a service that is topnotch above all, but a misstep here and there stacks and affects your reputation, especially in the online world where your business resume is your website. Maybe you’ve got this corrected, but some still have problems in some of these areas.

Using a Yoursite.Domain URL


We’ve all seen this situation – businesses, trying their best to save money on the digital side or not wanting to push out enough funding for their online campaign, have a website with yoursite.wordpress, yoursite.joomla. or yoursite.wixsite domain in their url. You don’t want this unless you’re creating a personal blog.

When creating a business domain, the first thing you make sure is that you have your own domain name not under your CMS’ banner. The problem with this is two-fold: one, it communicates to your potential audience that you’re probably shady or not serious about this business enough to secure yourself your own name in the world of the internet. The second reason is that you’re communicating to your visitors that you’re probably cheap, so much so that you won’t invest around 8 to 25 dollars per month minimum to free yourself from that horrific subdomain. Do this as soon as you can!

Choosing a Bad Domain Name


This has been a part of typical internet jokes for a long time now – domain names that, when typed on the address bar, produces some kind of badly-strung or inappropriate combination. There are legends of the listicles like Pen Island, Who Represents? and Dickson Data to funny ones like Speed of Art, and Winters Express. Just no.

If you have a bit of self-respect, your site’s url must show your brand’s missions and goals that go beyond the mere novelty of a bad domain name. This is how you become the overseer of the niche that you’re aiming for and it will be catastrophic if your business died just because of a joke domain name. Your future depends on this.

Choosing a Slow Web Hosting Service


People have a tendency to not care who hosts their domain, and this is a mistake even top webmaster tend to get wrong. Web hosting services should be fast, reliable and have zero to near zero down times. Be it using your own web server or using service providers, the whole point is to make sure that you don’t waste your visitors’ time and get your domain properly indexed.

Google’s crawlers only have little time to crawl your entire website and rank your pages, so slow response times negatively affect rankings. Google recommends having a minimum server response time of 200 ms or faster, otherwise it overlooks and moves on to the next domain on its list. There are more problems to this than is immediately obvious, which leads us a similar speed issue.

Adding Too Many Plugins

Plugins are a heaven-sent to developers like all of us. Their ability to simplify our work, make our websites look gorgeous, feed us site data and automate our front-end jobs. This is good until a page has too much plugins that it becomes detrimental to site performance.

Plugins, as an exchange for their functionality, make us sacrifice page load times to make sure they do their jobs right. This isn’t a problem when using a few of them and at least a dozen or two of these plugins won’t even be problematic, but too many plugins will start killing your page load times enough that it may leave your visitors hanging and bouncing off, not caring to see what content you have. Plugins are necessary evil, but regulate them as much as you can.

Adding Too Little or Too Low Quality Media


In the world of a hyper fast world where information is at our fingertips, an easy mistake that business owners make is not utilizing media to their advantage. With its ability to present your product or service in stunning detail, top quality photos or well-made videos help show professionalism in your website.

Media in form of photos and videos break the monotony of websites filled with text and descriptions while it adds a sort of life and color to pages. High quality photos in good amounts add points of view to your business that you can build on, while videos connect your business to your audience, letting you say in 5 minutes what you would have needed 1500 words for in essay format. Creating your high quality media bridges the gap between a long winded “convince me” dance and an impulsive conversion for your side.

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