SEO and Human-Friendly Content: How Your Strategy Should Be

>>>SEO and Human-Friendly Content: How Your Strategy Should Be
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SEO and Human-Friendly Content: How Your Strategy Should Be

SEO and content writing has been the bread and butter of internet businesses since the dawn of the new internet age, and for content writers like me, the number one requirement is to write quality content.

Many business owners would need to add something to this requirement as it is not enough to just put in quality content. It is as important that the content is as human friendly as possible, since this keeps the user engaged long enough for them to see that you have a good product with you.

The Power of Human-Friendly Content

Be it a business blog like this or a hobby blog like reviewing comic books, it’s equally important to write SEO-friendly, high quality content. It’s also vital to write your information that humans would actually read.

The search engines help your site to be found on the internet. Since the world wide web is more like the wild wild west, it is imperative that your audience finds you among the millions upon millions of search results out there. 

Keyword research, search engine indexing,  white hat content, a good headline and quality content… these are flour, butter and eggs of the content writing cake. Like any half-decent cake however, the icing surrounding the cake is just as important as it’s the part that makes people to want to eat the pastry.

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Grabbing The Fickle Human Attention

This proverbial SEO icing is the human-friendly content. When we say human-friendly, this means that your content is easy to digest, attention grabbing and engaging to your audience.

Human-friendly content ensures that your readers will continue engaging, however polarizing your content maybe. Keyword stuffing and simple rank manipulation is not enough anymore. Your SERP position is moot if nobody is reading your articles. How do you do this human-friendly content? Focus your content strategy on being honest, informative and useful.

If people treat your content as an informative resource, the audience will more likely share your content and generate organic links towards your site.  Refine what you know again and again and keep pounding on the information that your audience comes back for.

If you have a product that you want to push to your readers, talk about it as honest as you can. Give your readers a wealth of information on why your product is as superior as it can be. If you have a service that only you can do, talk about how important that they get your service. Surround your content with facts that you can back up. Give your audience media that can succinctly talk about it.

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People dislike formalities anymore, especially on the internet where social networks are the primary drivers of marketing. Keep reminding your readers that your product is the best out there by telling them the good facts.

If you are in the position of your readers, why would you want to give your money to dishonest companies that try their best to cheat the system? You don’t. It’s the same concept. Show how valuable your content is with the truth and the facts.

Good SEO scores is one thing to have as your goal, but robots can only help your page so much. Focus just as much on the human-friendly aspect of your content strategy and digital marketing and everything else will roll.

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