Road to Dominion, 2nd Stage: Why Conceptual Relevance is Your Key to SEO Success

>>>Road to Dominion, 2nd Stage: Why Conceptual Relevance is Your Key to SEO Success
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Road to Dominion, 2nd Stage: Why Conceptual Relevance is Your Key to SEO Success

Conceptual relevance is something most successful SEO guys on the internet try to do well for every campaign they lead. It’s plain and simple what will eventually bring in the traffic. What will help you in your search for a successful website?

Let me tell you now that this is among the most important things that you will need to get that page going. Don’t believe me? Let’s find out.

Conceptual Relevance: What is it?

Before we pan the gold dust out, let’s define first what is the gold called conceptual relevance. Conceptual relevance is the ability to keep the overall theme of your entire website on one subset of topics related to each other. For example, if you’re going to sell solar panels on your website, you would want to use keywords that relate to solar panels. That may include the terms solar panel, solar energy, clean energy, solar cells, green energy, solar energy systems, grid tie solar, off grid solar and solar panel brands in the keywords. What you do with these keywords is create pages that will support your entire keyword structure’s main keyword: solar panel. When creating pages, you would want the pages on your domain to rank for keywords that are related to this keyword.

Why is Conceptual Relevance Important

Many SEO experts on the internet tell people that conceptual relevance is the gold nugget of the internet and there’s a reason for that. Google crawls domains and rates the quality of your domain through a set of algorithms and checks the relevancy of the keywords that you use, ranking and indexing them. The goal of Google is to provide the best search results for your query and eliminate low quality content from SERPs. Google rewards sites with useful information, services or products together with top quality content. In addition, conceptual relevance allows your readers to move around your content with relative ease, improving conversion and sales with information that is both logical and educational.

What conceptual relevance gives on the table for your website is the ability to be easily gathered by SERPs and make sure that it is indexed. Once you do this, you just need to properly optimize your pages with the right density of keywords and have high quality content as Google also checks quality through the use of latent semantic indexing. Having conceptual relevance allows you to have well tied up content, rather than have content that is a random mish mash of things.

How Do You Use Conceptual Relevance

Now that we talked about the importance of conceptual relevance, what now? You apply them through the elements of your pages like meta tags, meta descriptions, good keyword density in the body text and alt tags, together with content that is interesting and keeps the audience hooked with the information that you give them. If you find ways on how to apply this, you are another step towards a highly successful SEO campaign.

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