5 06, 2017

Road to Dominion, 2nd Stage: Why Conceptual Relevance is Your Key to SEO Success

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Conceptual relevance is something most successful SEO guys on the internet try to do well for every campaign they lead. It’s plain and simple what will eventually bring in the traffic. What will help you in your search for a successful website? Let me tell you now that this is among the most important things [...]

8 05, 2017

Road To Dominion, 2nd Stage: Latent Semantic Indexing Unlocked and Simplified

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We know for a fact that Google does its best to supply its searchers with answers to different searches they do. This has only gotten better over the years because of latent semantic indexing or LSI. The artificial intelligence dominated landscape of the internet allows LSI to not only flourish but open new possibilities that [...]