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>WordPress Website Maintenance and Security
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Protect against hackers. Stay up to date.

Every website needs to be maintained to run smoothly and safely. Small businesses everywhere are facing increased security risks. A hack can be devastating and leave lingering effects. If you haven’t had your security evaluated recently, your WordPress website might be at risk of being hacked.


As Spartan Digital Warriors, we combat hostile attacks by implementing the best security measures. Your website is the window to your business and should remain open 24/7. We know how important it is for websites to be kept safe and up to date with the latest technology developments. If you don’t, you leave your site open to attacks and vulnerable and that’s not the Sparta way. We shield your valuable data by installing the latest security updates and giving you practical online security advice for the future. Email us to learn more about our trusted, superior hosting solution bundled with our premium WordPress security.


With our Web Maintenance Services, you won’t have to wonder if you have missed yet another update or not. Our focused and dedicated support will provide you with hassle-free updates and fully managed hosting. We will help you minimise downtime and increase your response rates while heightening your security. Email us and ask us about our site speed, 10GB storage, unlimited data transfers and international CDN offerings. We’ll take the burden of website security and maintenance off your mind so you can focus on what matters most – conquering your market.


Get in touch with us to make sure you’re not missing out on potential customers because your code is outdated. We will provide a superior solution for your site management needs, with exclusive packages for our Web Development and Digital Marketing clients. From day to day maintenance to proactive and reliable security, our Sparta Digital Warriors will be there for you. We’ll make certain that your website is running securely, efficiently and smoothly at all times.


What we’re looking for: small to medium sized businesses who are seeking a partner to fortify and maintain their company’s website. Does this sound like you? If so, call Shane now to arrange a meeting and we’ll discuss your future and assess if we’re a good fit to form an alliance. We want to make absolutely sure that we can help you – to avoid wasting your time and ours. If we can’t help, we’ll help you find someone who can, like WPsecured. Find out how you can get the highest-quality security measures and latest updates to keep your website safe from hackers while optimising your website for users and Google alike.


Contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation discovery session so we can learn more about the current state of your security and maintenance setup.


A partnership with Sparta Digital means a partnership with a trusted guardian. We will armour you with the best protection against hacks and other security risks. We are the Spartan Online Warriors, the defenders of your website and your business.